A drop in the ocean

Posted on 26th Jan by Simon Neal − Category: News, Slums

What can one person do to make a difference to the poverty in Africa? It is no more than a drop in the ocean.

I have heard this expression a number of times, usually uttered by those who have never seen the difference that can be made in each and every life that is touched. The impact we make is small in comparison to the overall issues faced by this beautiful continent, but it is profoundly life changing for those who we can reach.

I have spent just 1 week in Uganda, and even in such a small space of time I have seen lives touched. What really astounds me about the children we minister to is that there are no barriers to break down before they accept you. I was prepared for children excitedly crying Mzungu and running to us when they saw us arrive to spend time with them, and to begin with it was just a sea of smiling faces. The thing I had not prepared myself for just one week later was the same children calling me by name, excited to see me. Rather than a sea of nameless faces, I am now growing to know each of them, their background, their families and their suffering. Africa is real, it is not a place where you can come to for 2 weeks and leave the same person you were when you arrived and that is what I love about it!! And now as I embark on 8 months here in Uganda I am excited to see lives transformed by the love of Jesus, and also how my life is going to be transformed as I embrace the culture.

In just 1 week here I have seen a number of incredible things. A precious little girl brought into our clinic one afternoon, very sick with malaria. After some simple treatment at the Wellspring clinic, a lot of prayer and some medication she was completely well again by the very next morning. If left untreated she could have died but now she is back laughing and having fun with her friends again.

I am also learning however that not every issue or sickness can be solved quite so simply. One mumma I met is very ill after giving birth to a beautiful little girl. According to her husband there were people in the community who did not want the baby to live so bewitched her. She now lies in bed with a swollen and painful right leg and very little strength in her left arm, which makes caring for her newborn baby difficult. I have seen her twice over the last week and each time we have prayed with her, spoken the love of God over the house and the family and declared that the victory is in Christ and nothing can defeat that. We strongly believe that God will deliver her from this sickness and rebuild her strength, we will continue to minister to her and her family, continue to intercede on her behalf, and continue to stand against anything that comes to hurt and destroy.

Uganda is a country of incredible natural beauty, but it is also a battleground. I am here to fight against injustice for those who are not able to do so themselves. I am learning that there is power in the name of Jesus, and I will carry that name with me wherever I go in order bring love, peace, happiness and a bright future to those who I meet. I ask that you would stand with me in prayer while I am doing this. I am proud to be a part of Revelation Life, and cannot wait to watch as God uses his people to carry his light into the darkness that consumes so many hearts and lives we have yet to touch.

Yours in Christ, Adam.