A Holy moment

Posted on 15th Sep by Anna Kalibbala − Category: News


This passage is painted on the wall at the entrance to our Revelation Life offices. We walk past it every day and it is the motivation for everything we do here. Today at the Family Centre we saw this scripture become a reality.

Yesterday a mama from the slums moved to our Family Centre with her two sons to begin a four and half month programme of restoration, farm training and life skills. As we sat with mama to discuss the next few months she opened up and shared her life with us. She was abandoned at an early age and recently her husband also abandoned her and her children leaving her destitute and hopeless. We shared God’s heart for her, we told her how He accepts her into His family despite being abandoned by others, and how God can be a loving Father to her family. It was a Holy moment for everyone there. In that moment she chose to come into God’s family and to fully receive His love.

It is an honour to play a small part in the story of this beautiful woman. We are now expectant that God will change her life for the better. We know He will release more love, hope and joy to her as she spends time at the Family Centre learning new skills, receiving healing and making steps into her new life.