A letter from the future…

Posted on 13th Jan by John Cleverley − Category: News

The Revelation Life Family Centre will soon be ready for its first residents. Team members Harriet and Solomon Kitenda have accepted a position in which they will offer support, love and training to the families who come to spend time there.

Here we take a look into the future, at how we hope the Family Centre will impact the lives of people who are in real need of our support. Below is a letter that has been written as if a family had just spent five months at the centre and wanted to express how they felt about their experience.

The community hall being constructed at the Family Centre.

The community hall under construction at the Family Centre Dec 2014.


I want to tell you about our time at the Family Centre. It has been five months since we moved our family here and what a great learning time it has been. In Kinawataka Slum we were really struggling, with our house falling down and no relatives or friends to stay with. Our children were malnourished and I was having bad dreams every night. Even though we tried to see things change, everything went wrong and it was starting to break up our family – my wife threatened to go to another man and I began to give up on my children, even thinking about giving them up to an orphanage who would care for them better than I could.

Now we have started to hope again. We have had time to become a family again since being here, we are together. I have learnt new skills in growing crops so that we can be healthy and Hope, my wife, has learnt to knit and grow medicinal plants. My children have begun to smile and have fun as they see us getting on well and as they have full stomachs – eating a good three meals a day of posho, beans, moringa and vegetables. I have also learnt how to make furniture and water tanks out of mud and bottles and have plans to make this into a business when we return to Kinawataka. I will make my house the best in Kina with my new building skills and teach my neighbours to do the same!

The biggest change for us though has been learning to love each other again and lift our eyes above poverty. Harriet & Solomon and their children have been an amazing example of how to live as a unified family. They have prayed with us and encouraged us all, we have seen that love is the answer. God has been so good to me and my family and seen us restored to each other and to Him. Every day we take some time to go for a walk in the eucalyptus trees and talk to God about life. We meet with the other families that want to and gather in the community hall. That has become a special place for us where we have learnt so much, been listened to and learnt to speak our minds – we are now confident that we have something important to say. We have even shown local people how to grow food and build water tanks in this hall!

Things are still hard at times and we have challenges, but we know that we have what we need to overcome them. Before I was scared of leaving here and returning to the slum. Now I am excited to see our new family business grow and I want to help other people who were like us before we came and to teach my friends who came to visit me while I was here.

So, thank you to all of the people who helped to make this Family Centre be built and for all of the prayers that you prayed – we are very grateful!

Love from,

Emmanuel and Hope

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