A mama on the move

Posted on 19th Nov by Lisa Wright − Category: News

Mama Sabine is a real beacon of light in the community groups of Katogo 2, she’s an example of a hard working mama who now has hope of a brighter future. Members of our team have supported her and her family through difficult times over the past year and she has been an active member of the discipleship group we oversee. As we have worked with her she has gained confidence and a voice and her family has really benefited – last year her youngest daughter was ill and malnourished, so we placed her on our nutrition programme. Now she is a thriving and healthy toddler.

Medi Sabine.web

Mama Sabine”s children outside their old family home in Katogo 2.

The next part of this family’s journey is a real testimony of how we are seeing God transform the lives of the people who we have worked with and encouraged. In January Mama Sabine prayed that she would get a new house before the end of the year (2014). She was determined to move her family out of the slum, and so took a job washing empty plastic bags in the river to sell to the local recycling company. This job pays very little, and after three months of hard work mama had managed to save 90,000 Ugandan Shillings (about £20), which she planned to use to pay three months rent at a new house. Finding a house to move into is not an easy process in Uganda, especially for families with such a small income. So, Mama Sabine still needed a breakthrough in order to see her dream realised.

It was around that time that a friend who lives outside the slum came and visited her. Her friend was shocked to see the state of her tiny mud house, and was sad to see the children walking in mud and stepping over dirty streams of water and sewage flowing right outside. On seeing this, her friend mentioned that she had a house that she was looking to rent. Initially Mama declined the offer as she didn’t think she had enough money, but it turned out that the rent her friend was asking was the exact same amount that she had saved.

Last time we saw her she was so excited about her new home that she took some of our team to see it. The roof does not leak, she has electricity, and there is even a large plot of land where she can grow vegetables – meaning her family’s diet will consist of healthy, vitamin rich foods. She told us this is just a stepping stone… eventually she wants to save enough money to buy her own house and continue to build a better future for her three children!

Mama, her children and her new landlord at her home

Mama at her home, with her children and new landlord.

Mama Sabine says… “I have been patient, but it has not been easy. We sing a song in our discipleship group that says: ‘He never fails’… I remember not just singing, but shouting it, I believed it with all my heart and God heard my cries. God is great! He has given me a new house.”

It is fantastic to see that as women like Mama Sabine are effected by the care, support and encouragement that the team give, they begin to dream again and confidently trust God for their future.

Mama is now able to look forward to a happy and memorable Christmas this year thanks to your support and God’s faithfulness.

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