A Miraculous Morning

Posted on 29th Jul by Ivy Nakiyaga − Category: News

Every Tuesday, the Kasubi Community Group meets. It is a time when they talk, pray and learn new skills through training sessions. One of the ongoing challenges that we have had with the groups is attendance and punctuality. Many of the mamas run businesses and have families to look after and therefore, often come late to the meetings or even wait until the Revelation Life team come round to find them. Last Tuesday, however, was different.

We had organised a training session for that morning in which we were going to teach the mamas to make paper bags from scrap paper. There is currently a greatly increased demand for these paper bags in Kampala. The government, in an effort to reduce the impact on the environment, has recently banned the use of plastic bags. As a result, businesses are eager to replace their plastic bags with a reliable supply of paper ones. With the added benefit of recycling used paper these bags are relatively simple and quick to make, one person being able to produce around 60 in an hour.


Teaching paper bag making

Upon arriving at the meeting place in Kasubi that day we were amazed and delighted to find the group already there, sharing the word of God and praying together. Meanwhile, unbeknown to us, in one of the nearby houses, a woman called Edith who we had never met. For the past three months she had been suffering with severe back pain like an oppressive weight pushing on her. She told us later that she heard a voice that morning, telling her to go outside where she would find some people who would lay hands on her and pray for her. Desperate, she immediately went outside and looked around, spotting our group straight away in the middle of their bible study. She approached us and explained what the issue was and asked if we might pray for her. The mamas were more than happy and gathered round her right away. As they prayed, Edith said that she felt the pain lift off her back and she began to cry with joy and relief, as she finally felt release from the pain she had been living with for the past three months.


The group praying for Edith

After this wonderful beginning we carried on with the paper bag training. The mamas picked it up very quickly and even Edith joined in. We had one more surprise, however, to top off an already remarkable morning: when, as we were finishing, a woman with a shop nearby came to ask whether the group would supply her business with paper bags. Amazing!


The mamas getting to grips with bag-making themselves

We thank the Lord for Edith’s healing and the great work he is doing in and through this group. Pray that he would continue to grow them in faith, hope and confidence.