A New Beginning

Posted on 2nd Mar by Sarah Molyneux − Category: News, Vision

I joined Revelation Life a little over 3 weeks ago. It’s fairly different from my previous work where I gave oversight to the nurses working in three babies homes. I was on call 24 hours a day, every day¬†of the year. I farewelled many babies on their journey to the next life, but saw many healed, and many of those were miraculous. I learnt a lot while I was there. That God is sufficient. That His grace can sustain me through the darkest moments. That as immense as my love was for those little ones, His was greater. That they weren’t mine, even though He’d entrusted them to me for a time, but that they were ultimately His.

In the second half of 2012 I realized that I wasn’t meant to stay there long term. I had made friends with two Revelation Life staff. Spending time with them brought me life, and I saw Jesus in them more than I had seen Jesus in anyone else in my life. They shared stories with me of Jesus showing up in the slums of Kampala. And eventually they (jokingly) asked me to come join them. I don’t think they really believed that I would take them seriously. But God ensured that I did. After 5 months of battling with Him about taking them up on the offer, I knew I had to say yes, and that the benefits of following Jesus wherever he leads far outweighs any perceived difficulties I can imagine.

And so here I am. The past three weeks have been more full of Jesus than I could have hoped for. Spending time in the slums is rejuvenating my emotional and spiritual exhaustion. And even though I’m facing similar issues, such as the care of vulnerable children, and the struggle involved in dealing with Ugandan health care facilities, I can once again see the life and hope it brings to the one we’re caring for. I’m more focused on what Jesus has to offer the people we work with, rather than what I can offer. That everything is for His glory, and that He can make all things new. Even me.