A Trustee’s perspective

Posted on 6th Jun by Mike Peters − Category: News


Every time I visit the work of the charity I never fail to be amazed by the heart, the passion, the commitment and the sheer dedication of the brilliant team working in the four slum communities that are served by the ministry.

I have just returned from my fifth visit (once a year since 2010) with my wife Gill and we are again deeply impressed with everything about the charity.

Each year we have seen how the relationships with each man, woman and child are changing things for the better, especially how the character and heart of God is being portrayed by the team who go out into the communities day after day.

From very small beginnings there are now more children on the school sponsorship scheme than ever before; there are more adults attending weekly discipleship groups and there are more families who are being given core living skills. This is being achieved through teaching, advice and guidance, in order that the work of the charity can be more focused on training the communities to be ‘self sustaining’. This is a relatively new focus for the charity that I was able to experience first hand on this visit. I am convinced this is a genuine work of transformation and a further expression of the heart of God.

I am extra-ordinarily proud to be associated with this work by virtue of my role as a trustee for Revelation Life and find it hugely rewarding to see the progress that is being made, year on year by our amazing team of workers. From my perspective, God is truly at work in this place!