Aisha’s Story

Posted on 18th Dec by Kristy − Category: News

Our work with families and children not only helps to ensure people receive vital life skills, but it also enables us to provide life-saving medical care and nutritional support for malnourished children. Aisha is just one example of a life that was saved – she is a beautiful two-month-old girl.


We found her one day while visiting another child, who is now recovering from malnutrition, having spent time on our Nutrition Programme. Her family stays close to Aisha, and when our nurse saw her she immediately knew something was very wrong.

For the previous five days Aisha had been experiencing severe vomiting and diarrhoea. She was extremely dehydrated, and if she did not receive the necessary treatment, she would probably have died.

In Uganda one in sixteen children do not reach their first birthday and without our support Aisha would likely have added to that statistic.

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Her mother had no money to take her for treatment and was left with few options and very little hope for her baby girl. Fortunately Revelation Life are able to provide financial aid in medical emergencies and Aisha definitely fell into this category.

We discussed the situation with Mama and offered her our immediate help. We were then able to transport her and Aisha to a nearby trusted hospital, where we dealt with the medical expenses required for her full recovery. Aisha was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection in her stomach. Usually it takes three days for such an infection to be rectified, however she needed seven full days of extensive antibiotics and fluid hydration. She then finally recovered back to health, which was a huge relief to Mama and the team! Aisha is now back to her healthy, happy self, smiling and engaging with her Mama and developing like any other child.

Aisha is a child who survived thanks to the donations received from people like you, who give in order to help us grow the work we are doing and see more lives saved. Thank You!

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