An important update from the directors

Posted on 19th Sep by Simon Neal − Category: News

We are writing to you to let you know some exciting news about our journey here at Revelation life.

You may have noticed some changes in what you’ve been seeing in our emails, Facebook posts and other communication recently. These reflect some changes that we have been busy putting into place at Revelation Life to take the organization to an exciting new phase. After an intensive time of review we made a number of changes to the way we work to be more effective, efficient and strategic – always keeping Jesus at the centre of what we do and why.

As a result, you’ll now hear us talking about Community Development, Social Development and Practical Support – as this is how we now run our departments. As we share stories, pictures and videos with you all, we hope you’ll see some really positive fruit from these changes.

Our heart at the beginning of the process was that we wanted to ensure that we were being true to what we believe God originally mandated Revelation Life to be and do and position ourselves to see that fulfilled and expand.

As part of the review process we identified that in order for the charity to continue to flourish and grow as Jesus is calling us too, we need to build on and grow the awareness and support of Revelation Life in the UK and beyond.

So in light of this we have made the decision that it is time for us to handover the day to day running of Revelation Life Uganda and for us to relocate to establish the operation of Revelation Life in the UK and build on what our faithful volunteers have achieved to date.

We are really pleased to announce that we have appointed John Cleverley as the new National Director for Revelation Life Uganda.

We are very honoured to have John and his family as part of our team here in Uganda for the past year. John carries a deep heart for the work and vision of Revelation Life, he is committed to seeing see the love of Jesus made known and His Kingdom advance here in Uganda. John also brings a wealth of experience from the charity sector working into African countries.

We have full confidence in his ability and the call of God upon his life to lead the ministry in Uganda forward.

We will be taking up position as International Directors based from the UK.

Our plan is to remain in Uganda until Feb 2015 in order to handover to John and commission him in his new role. We want to ensure that both he and our staff here and are settled and secure in the new way forward.

We want to honour our team here, who throughout the review and change process have continued to serve the vision and the communities in which we work with great faithfulness.

As I am sure you can imagine, we haven’t taken this decision lightly. Uganda has been our home for the last 5 and a half years. We love our life here and the team we get to work with everyday. Our love for Africa has continued to grow over the years and to say goodbye to living here full time is a very costly decision for us and our children.

We are fully convinced that this is what the Lord is asking of us. We know that in order for Revelation Life to continue to grow and become all that God intends it to be, we have to pass on the role of National Directors and give ourselves to the next season.

We will continue to visit Uganda on a regular basis to support and encourage the team and of course to visit our friends in the slum communities that we work in.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your support, encouragement and love that has helped grow Revelation Life over the years. You have enabled us to serve the poor here in Uganda and we ask that you would continue to stand with and pray both for our family and our team at this exciting and challenging time of transition.

With our love, thanks and blessing

Simon and Nicola

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New Strategy, New Structure

As mentioned above we have made a number of changes to the way we work to be more effective, efficient and strategic – always keeping Jesus at the centre of what we do and why.

The review looked at all Revelation Life projects and ways of working to make sure they fit with the vision and mission statement for the way forward.

Vision: To see the transformation of families and whole communities through demonstration of practical love and supernatural power, which reveal the heart of God

So, to make sure we are working effectively to see real impact in the slums our work in the communities is organised like this:

Community Development is based around training small groups in the communities who work closely together and then look to help out their neighbours. The emphasis is on practical activities that enable families to start using new techniques and new ways of thinking that will improve their lives.

We are also currently in the process of building a ‘Family Centre’ on our land, which will support families from the communities who are in desperate need of care. They will stay at the centre for up to six months and receive practical, emotional and spiritual support and training. Homes are currently being built, trees planted and a thatched amphitheatre constructed.
Projects include: recycled container gardens, tip-tap hand-washers, SODIS (water purification), income generation, energy-saving stoves and child development sessions.

Social Development works closely with families in the communities that need extra help and support. Team members work as facilitators, enabling families to make good choices to see improvements in their situation. The social team also works with established discipleship groups in each slum to support and encourage them.
Issues can include: estrangement, trauma, neglect, abuse, gender, self-worth and building confidence.

Practical Support aims to see family situations improve in the short term as a ‘stepping stone’ to longer term changes. Vulnerable families are supported through emergency medical help and providing nutritional foods. This happens alongside our ongoing education on health and nutrition and the child sponsorship programme.

This is all supported by our Administration department whose work enables us to work effectively in the communities as well as ensuring that the team is well looked after.

We are really excited about these changes and the impact that we will see for years to come in the slum communities that we love and serve.

We hope you will enjoy travelling this fantastic journey with us!