Ashes to Roses…

Posted on 18th Feb by Simon Neal − Category: Banda, Slums, Testimonies

I find it so ridiculously amazing that God has the power to turn around even the most horrible situations.  He has the power to turn death into life, to turn ashes into roses, to turn hopelessness into hope…it is beautiful.  God can take a dying, broken child and turn her into a testimony of His glory.

Sharifa is a 10 month old little girl I met in the summer last year. Her story is one of hope and joy, one that radiates with Gods faithfulness and love. In August last year we paid for Sharifa to have the surgery her mother coudnt afford.  We paid the £50 that would save her life, and we have stood back and watched as God has transformed a child dying from hydrocephalus into a child full of life and joy.

I can remember like it was yesterday the day we went to tell Mama Revelation Life would pay for Sharifa’s surgery.  It was by far one of the top 5 experiences I have had here. Very few times have I actually seen mamas here cry.  They tend to hide all emotion, even happiness, but this day was not a day to hold back.  As she thanked us again and again and the tears rolled down her face (and maybe a few down mine too) everything seemed so simple again.  God is faithful.

In the times Mama was afraid and didn’t know how she could help her dying child she would pray.  She would hope.  And hope carries power.  Its not a wishy washy word.  It carries weight, and has the authority to break though darkness, pain and even death.  Hope is the air in the situations where you cant catch your breath.  It’s the memory of what the sky looks like in the places where you look up and all you see is darkness.  Hope is what I live by here.  And on this particular day I had the honour of being the manifestation of the dream for Mama Sharifa.

Since that day 6 months ago Sharifa has had her surgery and is doing amazingly well.  She is a beautiful happy little girl who now has hope for an amazing future filled with Jesus.  And not only that but she is a soon to be walking miracle.  During the tests and operations Sharifa’s doctors told us that she would never walk.  She is paralyzed from the waist down.  But as the doctors said there is no hope, we have seen and experienced a God that doesn’t always play by the rules.  Since then we have been praying for Sharifa every time we have visited her.  We have declared healing over her and proclaimed that one day she will walk.

Since Christmas we have started to see movement in Sharifa’s legs.  We have seen God make good on his promise that if we ask for healing he will give it to us! And our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will continue to move in this family’s life and continue to radically transform their situation from ashes into roses.

Please pray with us for Sharifa to continue to receive feeling back in her legs and that one day she will walk and run as she was created to do! Thank you so much for your support!

Hannah x