Back to school time

Posted on 29th Aug by Simon Neal − Category: News

In September 2012 Revelation Life began a “Slum School” in Katogo 2, starting by teaching the children who came along one letter each week. As time progressed we began to learn how words were formed from the letters we had already learned and slowly worked our way through the alphabet.

An early Slum School, teaching the children how to write their own names.

An early Slum School, teaching the children how to write their own names.

Since we started Slum School we have been blessed to have a good number of excellent teachers on the team, who have helped to drive Slum School forward and been able to teach the kids more as time has progressed. Mathematics, hygiene, road safety and many other important lessons all became regular subjects. One year ago we began to register the attendance of all the children in an attempt to monitor their progress, and whilst we struggled to gain any clear evidence of this, one incredible fact did emerge:

Out of approximately 100 children that were regularly attending Slum School in August 2013, 20 are now in full time government schooling just one year later, funded by their own families! Revelation Life has not added any of these children to our sponsorship programme.

We don’t know whether Slum School was a direct contributor to the fact that these 20 children are now receiving a proper education but we would like to thank and honour all the team, both past and present that have helped lead Slum School over the years.

Whatever the reason these children are now in school, we are thankful that families are not always reliant on Revelation Life for help. The Vision page of our website states that “our plan is that they [the families we work with] will be in a position where they can provide for their own needs.” It is very exciting to see this beginning to happen in front of our own eyes, and that it is the children who are benefitting from it as well as their parents.

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