Bags of money

Posted on 14th Apr by Simon Neal − Category: News

Being a parent in the slums and trying to earn some money can be quite a challenge, especially when you can only work from home because of childcare. But there are some easy and simple activities that can help bring extra cash to ease the running of the household. One of these mini-businesses is making paper bags for street sellers to put chicken, chapatis, vegetables and roasted meat in. The Mamas of Kasubi recently started to learn about bag making during a small series of training sessions.


Their first two sessions have gone really well and you can see on the Mama’s faces that they have found it fun. They also take the learning part very seriously as it can mean extra vegetables and supplies for their families. After plenty of folding, glueing and coaching, the Mamas were very proud to show us their first bags. Next, they have homework – more paper folding practice!

The Mama's with their first bags!

The Mama’s with their first bags!

Please pray with us to see this venture result in increased income and confidence for the Mama’s of Kasubi.

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