Banda Discipleship

Posted on 10th Feb by Simon Neal − Category: Banda, Our work, Testimonies, Vision

I am constantly blown away here by the beauty of relationship. Relationship is the power the moves Revelation Life forward, it carries every project we run, every contact time we go on and it builds what we are doing here. Relationship with Jesus and relationship with people. This is one of the biggest and most life changing things I have learnt this last year and a half living in Uganda working with Revelation Life. Its what makes us different from other NGO’s out there, we are not just about giving clothes and shoes to needy kids, or treating sick children…our longing is to become family with the people we work with every day.

One of the most powerful projects we run here is discipleship. Discipleship enables us to spend time getting to know the parents of the kids we work with. It gives us a chance to share Jesus with the people we love so much in our communities.

A couple of weeks ago Revelation Life started our first discipleship course in Banda slum. We have been working in this community for the last year and a half and have seen some amazing miracles and salvations along the way. Over mission school last summer we had an amazing young guy prophecy whilst looking over the slum that he could see a river flowing up and down through one of the streets we visit really often. Since that day we have seen over 20 people saved, and the majority have been from that area.

For the last 6 months we have been dreaming about starting discipleship in Banda and so the last few weeks have been a real joy. Our first week 11 women attend and heard about the love of Jesus, and last week we were able to share Jesus’ heart with 8 more. Last week was particularly special as we met a lady who is currently going through a very difficult situation. Here is an excerpt from my own personal blog that I wrote after meeting this particular mama.

“Today was a day when the world seems unfair, and Africa seems cruel. Today I met Mama V. She is a widow as of a month and a half ago. A new mother as of 11 days ago. And she is homeless as of today. With no job, a newborn baby and the weight of the loss of her husband Mama V is trapped. She has no way to pay for anywhere to live and since her husband died has been living with a friend. But her friend is getting tired. Tired of having 2 extra mouths to feed. So she has asked her to find a new place…For Mama V Jesus is already proving his faithfulness. During discipleship as she shared her story another Mama who comes along felt compassion. She has been there before too, and offered Mama a job so she can start paying a little rent to her friend and hopefully stay there a bit longer. Once again Jesus declares his ever-present presence…through the actions and love of others”.

We had the privilege that day of praying for this beautiful lady and her baby. And then we had the privilege of watching as another mama offered Mama V a job to start providing for herself and her baby. It was one of those moments where you just knew Jesus was at work. He had a plan. And all he needed was for me to be obedient and create a place for him to do his work. That’s what discipleship is. It’s a place for us to draw people together so God can be a Father to his kids. It’s a place where relationships can be grown and kingdom community can start to form in such a broken and desperate place. Beautiful.

Please pray for Banda discipleship as we continue to build relationship with the community and share Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us and we will help people grow in relationship with their heavenly Father.

Thank you,