Blog – Dignity and hope

Posted on 19th Feb by John Cleverley − Category: News

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When you read Revelation Life news stories or blog posts you’ll hear about all sorts of good things that are happening in the slum communities. We love to tell you how things have changed for families and how we are working with the communities to see life get better for them in all sorts of ways.

But as we all know, life is complicated and sometimes things happen in the slums that are out of our control or that we can’t speak publicly about. Part of the reason we don’t always make public someone unexpectedly dying, a child’s life being saved or a child being protected from harm is confidentiality, and sometimes it’s to protect their dignity. In this last month we have had all of these scenarios come to pass in the lives of the people that we work with: a very sudden and tragic death, and several children who have been protected from very real dangers in their lives. In some ways we’d love to tell you all about them as we know you care and theirs is an important tale to tell about the realities of life for people in the communities and we want to be transparent and real. But to do so would not be fully respectful and could compromise the importance of their privacy and dignity. Imagine a tragic or traumatic event in the life of a child you know – I doubt you’d want to take a picture and share it with the world. That’s our dilemma, we want you to know all that goes on, but sometimes we cant. We want to choose dignity, as if we can’t protect the dignity and humanity of those we work with, then we should question what are we here for. So, although we could easily share the pictures and stories of these people’s lives (and probably get more money as a result), we choose dignity.

In 2015 it seems like there has been a string of these kind of situations that we have been closely involved with, situations that we can’t make public, and that the team have done a great job in supporting families and seeing that vulnerable children are cared for.

We do need your prayers for these complicated situations that we come up against, and the pain and grief that they cause there and to some extent, our team. Without God’s help it can be hard for the team to keep their spirits high to reach out to the next family and partner with them to see things change. So, please partner with us now and pray during this time so that we can see these situations full of God’s love, hope and life instead of pain and distress.

Please add a comment below and we will share it with the team to encourage them during this challenging time.