Blog – The writing’s on the wall

Posted on 10th Mar by By John − Category: News

As part of the overall plan to move things along slowly in the slum communities, we’ve had a lot of fun creating murals as an awareness raising tool. These two mural sets have been about how to make a Tip Tap (a simple hand-washer) and a Bag Garden (think vertical gro bag). As well as these instructions are key messages about the importance of hand hygiene and eating nutritious vegetables.

Before getting them painted, we surveyed households close by to see what their understanding was in these two areas. Some of the results were pretty eye opening. Here are a few:

– 34% of people had not eaten any fresh fruit in the last week – some hadn’t for months

– Only 1/3 of people eat 2 or more vegetable portions in a main meal

– A whopping 48% of Banda slum children had diarrhoea in the last 6 months. 33% of those, more than 4 times!

We’re now in the process of finding out how the murals affected people’s knowledge and attitudes, then we’ll being doing training at the mural sites on the techniques to see if we can help people to change what they do as well. So, here are the lovely murals, which are like mini oases of colour amongst the brown, grey and dust of the slums.

This is Nalongo’s house. She is a bit of a mover and shaker in Kinawataka community and is really pleased with her newly painted home and really well placed to influence her neighbours.
These children followed us around whenever the murals were being painted. The colourful nature of the murals means that we often catch children staring up at them and reading.
The toilets that Revelation Life put in are in the foreground and the plan is to have several Tip Taps here to make this a kind of sanitation centre. It will also make more money for Hadijah – the lady who looks after the loos and receives about 5p every time someone spends a penny.
Tip-Tap mural Banda
My personal favourite! This mini toilet is right next to the railway line where hundreds of people walk to work every day. A great site to get messages that save lives to a lot of people.