Change Makers

Posted on 21st Jun by Amy Jorgensen − Category: Kinawataka, Slums, Testimonies, Vision

As a team, we spend an hour or two every morning seeking and worshipping God together. We believe that everything we are and everything we do comes from His presence. Recently we started spending one morning a week worshipping in each slum believing for His presence to come and bring change. We long to see entire communities of darkness and hopelessness completely transform until they reflect the Kingdom of God.

Last Thursday, as we worshipped, our team began prophesying over Kinawataka and the women who had gathered with us. Many of the women began powerfully encountering Holy Spirit – praying in tongues, falling to their knees in worship, and having amazing visions. As a team we felt it was a key moment for them. We’ve been encouraging them and teaching them for years, but it was time for that to be passed on and for them to become the change makers in their community.

Already we are beginning to see the women step into this. In discipleship a few days later, as we started worshipping, a young lady began to sing and lead the whole group in a time of precious worship. On the same day, a couple of the children led the games at Street Club instead of waiting on our team to lead. We believe there’s been a shift in this community as people are beginning to believe in themselves and dream about what God can do through them.

As much as we love hanging out in Kinawataka every day, transformation will happen quicker and last longer when the people who live there begin grabbing hold of everything God has for them. We can’t wait to see what more God will do!