Container gardens, time to harvest

Posted on 21st Oct by Simon Neal − Category: Kinawataka, News

In August we posted a story about some training that has been going on in the slums on how to grow vegetables in recycled water bottles. After a few months of bright sun interspersed with heavy rainfall, the crops are now flourishing and the mamas are beginning to see a harvest from their gardens.


Mama Mercy is one of those mamas who is now able to feed her family a healthy supply of spinach and kale to help keep them well fed with nutritious food to supplement their diets. Tomatoes, aubergine, onions and pumpkins are also all growing well for a number of other mamas, and the harvest from these will not only help to feed their children, but also hopefully enable a small income from selling their crops to their neighbours and other community members in the future.


Sometimes it can be a challenge to introduce new ideas and techniques to people living in the slums as they are used to ways of doing things and face many issues on a regular basis. So, we were really encouraged when we found that the small groups we have been working with began to resource their own containers, buy their own seeds and even began to teach friends and family how to do the same. It ‘s great to watch as these women take the initiative to support themselves, their family and the wider slum community.

We will look to provide a further update as their story progresses, and we thank you for your prayer and support for these inspiring mamas.

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