Fundraising & awareness


Fundraising for Revelation Life should be fun, and so here are some engaging ways your church, school or home-group can raise money for our work with the slum communities:

Build your own small slum in your church or school grounds to help empathise with the living conditions of slum dwellers, and raise money! Theme it, ‘Slum for a Day’ and get participants to build their own make-shift accommodation out of pallets, cardboard, tarpaulins and sticks. Slum dwellers will have to collect their own water, cook on small stoves or BBQs and rough it for a day. This idea came from St Dominics School who had a great day supporting us.

Hold a toilet roll challenge to highlight the poor sanitation in slums that claims so many lives. Sponsor your church leaders or teachers (the more sensible the better), compete for prizes and have plenty of fun designing your best toilet paper dress-up outfit. Then hold a catwalk, complete with photographers!

Ask local businesses to donate goods or experiences for a charity auction or raffle. For instance: a hairdressers could offer you a new look;  a golf club could offer a free round of golf; an artist could donate a painting; dinner for two from a local restaurant or a spa day experience. We’ve found this works best when you provide cakes, coffee and have a great auctioneer to get the crowd going… and giving.

Hold a very wet relay race. Take some buckets (or ideally plastic jerry cans), part fill them with water and get people to balance them on their heads. You can run it as a race, with the fastest or driest as the winner. Or sponsor people to carry the buckets for a certain distance like many African children have to.

Hold a ‘Walk to Church (or School) Week’ where people walk or get dropped half a mile (about 800 metres) from school. They could match the distance that an African pupil has to walk (often several miles), and get sponsored per hundred metres.

Have a Dance-a-thon to African music. Get people to dance in pairs for half an hour and then hand over to the next pair. Keep this going for a whole day in your church or hall as a sponsored event.


We hope your fundraising is a great success whatever you choose to do!

If you are raising money for our work then please contact us at and we will send you a fundraising pack and talk through your plans to we can look for ways to support you in your efforts. Don’t forget to sign up to our e-newsletter to make sure you’ve got plenty of up-to-date information and stories from the slum communities for people as well.

Fundraising through ‘Every Click’
Revelation Life has an account with Every Click, so you can also raise money just through your everyday internet searches. Sign up for it here: