Posted on 30th Aug by Simon Neal − Category: News, Our work, Testimonies, Vision

One day during mission school we were challenged to ask God for specific words for one another. While we were doing this in our small group one of the words said to me was the country Germany. At first I was unsure whether this had any relevance in my life as it felt a little ‘random’, however I decided not to throw it out straight away but put it on the shelf of my mind.

Later in the day we went out into Banda community and we decided to head to one of the local bars within the community to find people we could love. When we arrived a woman was pointed out to me called Rachel, I began to share my testimony with her, and how Jesus had really transformed my life with His love. As I continued I started to share the gospel with her and she decided to make a personal commitment to give her life to God. It was only around now that I noticed that her t-shirt had a big word over the front…. GERMANY. It was great to see her face light up as I told her how God had her on His mind before we even stepped into the community that day!