How to make a Mud Mural

Posted on 19th Aug by Simon Neal − Category: News

We’ve been using this innovative technique for a few months now and have had a great response from the slum communities. We love them too as they are an easy way to get important messages out as quickly and cheaply as possible. The murals are made by simply grinding down earth, mixing in flour and water to make a paste and using that as ‘paint’ with a stencil.

This technique is perfect for our work in the slums as people are keen to help spread important messages, but can (understandably) be reluctant to let you paint something on their home. The murals last a few months, even in the rainy season, and can be washed or cleaned off at any time. This allows us to get health messages out to large numbers of people very easily – and helps us to be creative along the way! Read a previous post about how we have used them to stem a Typhoid outbreak.

We recently got the opportunity to be part of a video made for the charity Send a Cow starring our very own Bumba MacDonald. He shows all of the steps involved in making a mud mural. It could be a fun project to do with a school or youth group and may even help you spread some important messages too. Take a look at the video here:

‘The mural on my house helps me and my neighbours know how to prevent our families from catching Typhoid.’ Mama Isaac

mural (520x800)

This one says, ‘Let’s stop typhoid. Wash your hands before you eat.’

Here is our latest version, encouraging people to cook outside to prevent pneumonia and other deadly respiratory problems associated with cooking indoors. When people take their charcoal stoves outside to cook, the harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide are easily dispersed rather than being inhaled by the family. These gases can also cause serious developmental problems in children and so the more we can do to spread awareness, the healthier families will be in the slums.


‘Prevent Pneumonia, Cook Outside!’

By giving just £50, you could pay for our team to run a life-saving awareness campaign in a slum community >>