In A Moment…

Posted on 2nd Feb by Simon Neal − Category: Banda

I have been trying to write a blog for a few days now on how our reality can change in an instant; however for some reason I couldn’t quite identify what I wanted to say.  My opening paragraph read…

“Our reality can change in a second and the moment we are living in can be just that, a moment. Situations can change, for better or worse. Money can be made and lost. Relationships can be built and broken. Everything can change in a split second.”

Today it became clear what this blog was to be about, it was to be about a beautiful little girl called Olivia. Before today Olivia was just another eight year old girl in the usual crowd of faces, but in a moment, everything changed.  Whilst playing, Olivia fell onto a pan of boiling cooking oil and as a result she now has severe burns to one side of her face and body.

We stumbled across Olivia soon after the accident had happened, and it was not a difficult decision to bring her straight into the clinic. Leading Olivia towards the car, I felt nothing but frustration. Frustration that these children do not have a safe environment in which to play and be children. Frustration that crowds were gathering to stand and stare, completely disregarding the little girl behind the burns who is perfectly capable of understanding the reason for all the disgusted faces staring back at her.

In a moment Olivia’s life has changed.

I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time with this precious little girl. I keep wondering if I have ever met her before. In three months it seems implausible that our paths have never crossed.  It breaks me that it is only through such devastating circumstances that I have come to know this gorgeous little girl. Overall I cling to the knowledge that God is good, I know that on the surface the situation is devastating, but God is always working below the surface, deeper than we could ever imagine.

In a moment, this little girl captured my heart! In a moment this little girl reminded me that beauty is not skin deep. In a moment this little girl taught me to search for joy and laughter in a seemingly hopeless situation, because when you seek those sacred moments, you will always find them.

Love Catherine


In just a week we have seen such transformation in Olivia. The swelling has completely gone to a point where we now recognise her. The burns have dried and are beginning to heal.