Jaja Irene – Kasubi Slum leader

Posted on 5th Nov by Pamela Mirembe − Category: News

As a discipleship team, we have seen Jaja Irene grow spiritually in so many ways, none more so than her willingness and passion to step into a position of leadership over the discipleship group during the last year. Not only has she welcomed us into her home in order to host the group, but she has been committed to learning more in her own personal devotion to God in order to teach the wider community.

Jana Irene studying the word in preparation for a discipleship group.

Jaja Irene studying the word in preparation for a discipleship group.

As a team, we can never fail to talk about her consistency in everything she does, which has always been an encouragement to us. During the restructuring at Revelation Life we wanted to begin to hand over the leadership of discipleship groups to the women who attended and we felt that she was the woman to take the mantle of leadership for the Kasubi mama’s. As a result, she now plans and leads discipleship sessions, and encourages the women who attend each week.

We still regularly meet with her to both help and guide her, as well as encourage the work that she is doing. We discuss questions and challenges arising from the wider discipleship group, and answer any questions she has that may arise from her personal walk with God.

With this empowerment in leadership, she has also been able to pray for the sick and support the people around her community, which she never used to take part in. By the grace of God, she has found joy and growth in her spiritual life as she does this every Tuesday.

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