Kasubi Baptisms…

Posted on 10th Oct by Simon Neal − Category: Kasubi, Our work, Testimonies

Last week, Tuesday 2nd October, the children and Mamma’s of the Kasubi community came together in a spectacular afternoon of worship and baptisms. Although apprehensive of the huge tank of water that took a 10 man team to fill up, the Mamma’s summoned their courage and demonstrated their faith and relationship with God in a public declaration to the whole of the community. After splashing and messing about with some of the children with the water, the Rev Life team proceeded to lead a period of worship alongside about 15 Mamma’s and all the kids. After a brief explanation about the meaning of ‘believe and be baptised’, to some of the watching Mamma’s and children, Anna and Ronnie climbed into the tank. From here there was encouragement, singing, clapping and lot of hurrahs as Mamma’s who had decided to be baptised entered the tank, in the majority of cases with great weariness (thankfully because of the water and not because of the declaration about to happen). Ronnie and Anna proceeded with the Baptisms and as the Mamma’s came out of the water, their face was a picture of joy and smiles alongside the obvious momentary shock of the water. These wonderful Mamma’s were then prayed for by the prayer team, who encouraged them and asked God for his Holy Spirit to fill them up. Alongside these Mamma’s, two teenagers, Jonathan and Patience, were also baptised, a real encouragement that the goodness and presence of God is working with the older children in the communities we go into. Hugs, photos, singing, dancing and large amounts of splashing children followed and ended what was a wonderful afternoon as we continue to see God’s goodness in these communities. 


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