Kinawataka Baptisms

Posted on 4th Dec by Simon Neal − Category: Kinawataka, Slums, Testimonies

For as long as I can remember, baptisms have held an excitement for me that is normally reserved for birthdays or weddings.  There is such promise and hope when you see someone get baptized.  Especially when you know the story that leads up to the decision.


Seeing Mama Kevin come into the tank was incredible.  She does not have the easiest family life and we spoke with her several times to make sure she realizes the importance of baptism.  When we went to her house the day of the baptism, she looked at us seriously and told us that she had thought long and hard about it and that she was ready.  She told us that she is committed to Jesus for life.


Joan is a beautiful 19 year old girl, who recently found out she has some serious health issues.  She always dips her head shyly when you speak with her.  She has had an incredibly difficult year away from her family but I see the redemption that is happening now.  Baptizing her is just the beginning of the long road ahead of her but she has the most faithful friend to walk with her.  Jesus understands that road more than anybody else can.


Sharot became a Christian a few months ago at discipleship group and it put a massive smile on my face as she tiptoed into the cold water.  She is one of the most enthusiastic women I have ever met.  She is constantly inviting us in for food when we pass by her house.  What I love about her decision to follow Jesus was that we did not do anything to convince her.  She came to discipleship asking us to become a Christian.  And what I love even more is that the mamas that live near her support her and encourage her in her faith even more than we do.  She had a difficult experience right after she became a Christian where she had every right to be angry and hurt the person back but she chose to completely forgive and release the person in love.  Incredible.


These women are remarkable and I am so blessed to share life with them.  I always get almost giddy when I think about baptisms.  I remember my own baptism so clearly.  I had turned 15 the month before and had been waiting for the right time to get baptized. I thought I had to be mature enough.  Certain enough.  I came to the realization that all Jesus required of me is my life and that he is there to help.  So I got into that tank and got baptized.


Some of these women have been Christians for only a few weeks and some for a few months.  They are not scholars or theologians.  They just love the same Jesus that I love and this step of obedience is not based on their qualifications or level of maturity.  They love Jesus and want to honour him with their lives and I find that absolutely beautiful.


Mettie-Anne Kool