Kinawataka Outreach…

Posted on 4th Sep by Simon Neal − Category: Kinawataka, News, Our work, Testimonies

Kina is a really special place to me.  Since beginning to work there 5 months ago, my passion and love for the people in Kina has grown and they have a significant place in my heart.  When I heard we were going to have the crusade there, I was really excited.  I love the impact something like that can have on a place.

A few weeks before mission school I had a picture of Jesus resting in the sky right over Kina and the picture came back to me as we were worshipping together as a team right before the crusade.  I had felt like Jesus was going to be lifted high and he was going to be noticed so that no one would be able to miss Him.

So the night began how the two previous crusades have started… with technical difficulties.  The audio/visual team had not even arrived to set up.  One thing that we constantly experience at Revelation Life is change at a moment’s notice.  So the initial plan got scrapped from the beginning.  People began to arrive almost immediately.  The butterflies in my stomach started to rise up.  Moses started the evening off with a welcome and worship.  There is something incredible about worshipping in Lugandan.  I have finally begun to understand what I am singing and that brings a whole new meaning to the sounds that come out of my mouth.  I love the passion and the heart when I see the mamas we love lose themselves in the songs.  Worship went on a little longer than expected because they decided to test the video equipment right as we were about to start the Jesus film.  It had been edited to be about 25 minutes long.  I loved how the mamas got so excited at the miracles Jesus was doing on the screen.  There was cheering and shouts of “Amina!” every few minutes.  Right after the film ended, Steve shared his testimony and went straight into an alter call.  17 people raised their hands and made decisions to dedicate their lives to following Jesus.

Then we prayed for all the people with illnesses.  Our team moved to pray for whoever had pain.  There were specific words of knowledge called out and numerous people came forward to give a testimony of their healing.  Several people were healed of stomach problems and back pain.  A boy had pain in his chest, which moved to his stomach, and, when he said the name of Jesus, the pain immediately went.  A woman, whose legs had not been able to bend properly, was able to bend down and stand up easily.  A teenage girl told us about how she had demons when she tried to pray, but, when we prayed with her, she said she saw a snake leave her body.  Three babies had fever that went away.  A woman with flu and fever said she felt peace while being prayed for and could not stop praying.  When they finished praying, the flu and fever were gone.  Another woman had shoulder pain that went.  Mama Panina had pain in her head and she felt fine afterwards.

Then right in the middle of the testimonies, a woman, who was about to give a testimony, fell over backwards and we caught her just in time.  We lowered her to the ground and started asking her questions.  She told us that her husband’s other wife had given her poisoned fish that were causing her to have severe stomach pains.  She was a Christian and had been coming to discipleship in Katogo 2.   The pain seemed to move from her stomach to her head and back down again.  We prayed with her and commanded whatever was causing this pain to go.  She seemed lucid at times and barely conscious at other times.  Whatever it was, it was not from Jesus.  Finally, there was a switch and she became herself again.  She said the pain in her head and her stomach were both completely gone and she started walking off.  I stopped her to pray with her.  While we were praying for her, I had felt God had such a call of life over her destiny that he wanted her to know.  That the past was not supposed to define her future and I shared with her what I felt Jesus was speaking to her.  The smile on her face as she went home was incredible.

Overall, it was an absolutely amazing evening where people got to know Jesus, Jesus healed them, and everyone got to be amazed by what Jesus does.  I was and still am in awe that I get to be Jesus’ hands and feet… and sometimes his mouthpiece.    No matter how nervous I felt earlier in the evening, it all got blown away by what Jesus did.