Lose a house, gain a home

Posted on 3rd Jul by Moses − Category: News

Mama Henry

I love how God provides for His children! When Sylvia Nabisubi (Mama Henry) was first told by her landlady to move out of the house in which she’d stayed with her family for over eight years, she was very worried. There was no apparent reason for the eviction as she had been a faithful tenant all the years she had lived there and it would now be hard to find reasonably priced, good housing at such short notice.

One morning while spending time with her, she shared her concerns with us and we prayed together that Jesus would provide for her and her family. The following week she told us that she’d found someone who was selling their house at 1.2 million Ugandan shillings (approximately £300) and that in the previous months she had managed to save 900,000 shillings but still needed the remainder in order to buy the house. At this point she took 200,000 shillings out of her business selling plastic utensils and tried to persuade the house owner to accept a deposit with the rest due at a future date. He seemed to accept the terms and they agreed to meet in order to complete the formalities. At this point, however, he became extremely elusive and she later discovered that he was just a con artist, the house didn’t really belong to him and the actual owner of the house wasn’t even interested in selling it.

At this point there was an amazing twist in the story. A house broker who had heard that Sylvia was looking for a new home mentioned that he knew of someone who was selling their house for 2 million shillings. She replied that 1.2 million was her limit and therefore would not be interested in a house that cost more but the broker insisted that she at least take a look at it. So she visited the property and liked what she saw very much. It was bigger and better than the previous one and in an area where similar houses often cost up to 5 million shillings. She told the broker that they would happily buy it if the owner would accept the money in installments. At this point they called the house owner who agreed to the terms as long as they would pay the rest of the money within the next four months.

Mama Henry in her new house
Mama Henry was excited. She and her husband managed to pay off the first 1.2 million shillings and signed the papers that would grant them legal right over the house. Four months later and they have procured a soft salary loan to clear the rest of the money, the house is now officially theirs and Sylvia says that they are even repaying the loan without difficulty…Hallelujah! Now that they have no house rent to worry about, they can focus on finding food for the family and paying for the education of their children. What a blessing!