Mama Jaja’s journey

Posted on 9th Dec by Simon Neal − Category: News

The social team at Revelation Life works closely with families going through difficult times. This work is particularly evident with Mama Jaja. She is seen knitting in our Christmas appeal video as well as featuring with her container gardens further down the appeal page.

Last Christmas was not a very happy time for her at all, she had a miscarriage, and her eleven year old daughter disappeared, possibly kidnapped. On top of that, her sister had to undergo four major operations to remove tumors in her stomach, which the family helped to pay for. Despite being in such a terrible situation at that time, she now has hope, expectancy and a vision for a brighter future. Our social team worked closely with the community development team in order to bring holistic change to her life. Just one year on, she is now an active member of our community group for Katogo 2 and takes part in the women’s knitting group, as well as growing a whole range of vegetables in her container gardens. She and her husband, who have been married for 14 years (which is very unusual in the communities) are a great encouragement and inspiration to many others in the group who know that they can be relied upon in any difficult situation. She always looks to Jesus for her support and her strength and thanks him that she is part of such a loving family.


Thanks to the money we receive through donations from all over the world by people like yourself, we are able to continue this work each day in the slums of Kampala. However, as our work grows, so do our costs and so this Christmas we are hoping to raise as much as possible to help us to expand this vital work with poor families into 2015.

If you would like to support us as we grow so that we can help more families like Mama Jaja’s, then please donate on our appeal page today.