Mama Joash…

Posted on 11th Apr by Simon Neal − Category: Kasubi, News, Slums, Testimonies

Lydia was one of the first women we met when we started working in Kasubi slum almost 3 years ago. We have fallen in love with her and her five gorgeous children and watched their family transform from one of complete hopelessness to one that carries the light and love of Jesus. Mama Joash was saved through discipleship over a year ago and immediately asked for prayer to be able to preach the Gospel to her family. She struggles daily to be able to provide for her children since her husband left her to marry another women. But even in her poverty she shares generously with the neighbour kids and always offers us food and love when we visit her home.


Last month we grieved when Lydia told us she had just found out she was HIV positive, likely passed from her husband’s other wives back to her when he occasionally visits the family. We prayed for her and encouraged her that God could change anything. Her faith was raised and she went to three other clinics to get retested. Each time she tested negative!!  Then the clinic she had tested positive at called her and said there had been a mistake and she was actually negative!!


This week Lydia boldly shared her testimony in front of hundreds of people and proclaimed healing to everyone in the crowd affected by HIV. It’s amazing watching God transform a family and an entire slum community and wonderfully humbling to walk side by side with such incredible women!