Mama Jolie

Posted on 8th Jun by Simon Neal − Category: News

Rob Hayden, Slum Ambassador for Kasubi;
We met Mama Jolie after visiting Mama Ema’s home. She was walking down the road with her son and was clearly upset. She told us that her son had been fitting for the last two nights (probably due to fever) and that the clinic she had been too could not put in an IV and so had sent her away. When we met her she was going to try and get a boda, but did not know where she could go for help. We sent her to wellspring clinic. Later when I spoke to her at the Clinic she told me that her sister had told her not to go out with the boy because he was too sick but the Mama had said she had to go in case she ‘met Jesus on the road’. Jolie is now doing much better and is nearly fully recovered.