Mama Peace…

Posted on 27th Sep by Simon Neal − Category: Kinawataka, News, Slums, Testimonies

So far my time at Revelation Life has had a bit of everything. Scorching heat and thunder storms. Incredible Highs and difficult lows. Unforgettable moments, and moments to forget. Laughter and tears. But throughout it all, God has been building me up to be the man he needs me to be. And all of this is in just 3 weeks.

In Romans 8:17 it says ‘But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering.’ Which is always hard to hear, because Jesus suffered more than anyone, and I could never suffer like he suffered, but it’s ok because he will never leave me or forsake me, and he never puts you in situations you can’t handle. I take refuge in that.

A story I really want to tell is that of Mama Peace who gave birth to baby Timothy (nicknamed SamLuke) after being pregnant for 11 ½ months. The world would tell her that her baby is dead and to give up. But not her. She believed. And God blessed her for that. It was my first meeting with the 11 ½ month pregnant mama that made me want to help this child in any way I could. Being heavily pregnant and in some pain, she welcomed us into her home, gave us (myself, Julie, Luke and Olivia) her seats and sat on the floor. A mama with nearly nothing, refusing to take anything for herself, but to continue to give and to bless in the midst of a storm. It was such an eye-opening experience which put a lot of things in perspective. Before leaving, we prayed for her and the Lord spoke to us saying that she would have the baby before the end of the week. This was a Wednesday. Saturday evening she went into labour. Sunday evening the baby was born and by Sunday evening the mama and child were home, healthy and very much alive! Seeing Mama and 2 day old baby was such an honour, which only increased when Mama asked myself and Luke to name the baby for her. We provided many biblical names for her to choose from and Baby Timothy was named there and then on the spot.

In my head, answers to prayer happened in a ‘lightning bolt’ moment where the power of God is revealed to all present. God has showed me that week that like his still small voice, his acts can happen in a similar subtle yet powerful way. We don’t have to be present, we just have to have faith, and step out for him. He will do the rest.

God continues to move in many different ways in many different families in all the slums we visit, but that small story is one that blessed me the most and one which I hope will touch your heart like it has mine.

God Bless,

Sam – Revelation Life Intern