New beginnings

Posted on 3rd Apr by Adam Peters − Category: News

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One of the most difficult things for Westerners in adjusting to Ugandan life is missing out on the seasons. For us ‘Mzungus’ Spring is the season of new beginnings, as daffodils shoot out of the ground, buds appear on the trees and frost turns back to dew each morning. Here in Uganda seasons consist of just dry and wet, with a little fluctuation in temperature. However, this ‘spring’ the team at Revelation Life saw a massive new beginning; a couple of weeks ago we moved to a new office compound.

In March 2009 Revelation Life was established and set up office in a single bedroom in Simon & Nicola’s compound. Over the next five years we journeyed through four more offices until, in the Spring of 2014 we moved into the offices you can see pictured above.

Everything about these offices is a blessing from God. From the location next to the first slum we began working in, to the accessibility to the main road, to the calm and relaxing work atmosphere. Each department has its own office and with such a large, open compound we can hold a range of meetings either in specific meeting rooms, or sitting on garden furniture in the shade of one of the large fruit trees that are dotted around the compound.

It has been great to see how the team has adapted to the new environment and we have seen the team work well together through various practical skill sessions that we can take into the communities. These have included building small, self-reliant keyhole gardens, mud and brick stoves, or using our ingenuity to find the most creative and practical ways to recycle old plastic bottles.

One of the team members at Revelation Life sums it up perfectly, “before we bought the new property we set up a check list of everything we would want the new offices to have in an ideal world. We set the bar very high and couldn’t believe when we found this place, the location, facilities and cost were exactly what we were looking for and we are so happy to be here.”

After five years of moving through a range of temporary offices, we now have a true sense of permanence and professionalism in the way our offices are being run and believe that from here on we can work far more effectively in the communities while maintaining a friendly and dynamic working environment.

The current Revelation Life team!

The current Revelation Life team!