06 Jul 2017

A New Step

We are writing to let you know some exciting news… As you will be aware our work is currently growing and expanding in to new communities, cities …Read more

13 Jun 2017

A full week

We started a new programme at the Family Centre back in January and the families are over halfway through their eight-month stay. Over this time they learn …Read more

22 Mar 2017

Business dreams

Mama Shanna is one of the women who recently took part in our washable sanitary pads training at the Dream Centre. She is so enthusiastic about her …Read more

15 Feb 2017

The group effect

Enid lives in Kasubi and is married to Charles, with a five-year-old son called Steven. Her house is next door to where the Kasubi Community Group holds …Read more

22 Dec 2016

Lives changed by a Star

“My name is Florence Namayanja and I want to be an advocate for good health and nutrition in my community! Last year, my grandson Jonah was suffering …Read more

12 Dec 2016

A Star for Children

“My name is Josephine Nabanja, (my neighbours call me Mama Lydia) and I am the mother of five children. We used to live in Mbuya and things were …Read more

05 Dec 2016

A Star in Nutrition

“My name is Nabisubi Sylvia, but most people know me as Mama Henry. I am married to Alex and we have three children named Henry, Christine and …Read more

14 Nov 2016

A Star for Health

“My name is Achipa Katie. My husband, Okyo Sam and I have three children, Monica is nine, Pakada is seven and Rachel is two. We moved to …Read more

12 Oct 2016


Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) is an environmentally friendly and sustainable sanitation system… also known as, a compost toilet! The human manure, or ‘Humanure’ is used as a resource for …Read more

30 Sep 2016

A place of promise

The Family Centre is a place of restoration for families who want to see change in their lives. We are delighted for those who took this big …Read more

12 Aug 2016

Strength for the weak

Emmanuel is 36 and lives in Banda Slum. A builder and electrician by trade he also had a business marketing and selling fruit in the city. In …Read more

12 Jul 2016

Bright Hope in community

Hajjarah has been a member of the K2 Community Group for the past year and in that time has become not just a key figure but the …Read more

01 Jun 2016

We are the Champions!

The Champion programme is off to a great start! It is a health education course that runs every year to empower community members to be the voice of …Read more

15 Apr 2016

Fuel for thought

Mama Nabukela is the Treasurer to the Katoogo Community Group and is a real driver of change for her family and the community. It seems to run …Read more

22 Feb 2016

A bagful of hope

Mama Bonita (Sarah) is a mother of three children living in Kinawataka Slum. When we met her she had a number of issues at home. As with many …Read more

11 Feb 2016

Uncontained possibilites

The Dream Centre; what a revelation it has been so far! It all started as an idea for a place within the communities where people could feel …Read more

27 Jan 2016

A change of mindset

Sometimes the situations that we deal with in the slum communities are not as straightforward as they first appear. Often people’s mindsets have to change before there …Read more

07 Jan 2016

Free beef and sugar!

You may have read our recent news story about Mama Salama. If you remember, she explained that God had given her a heart to help and share …Read more

22 Dec 2015

Mama Salama’s dream

“My name is Zam Namuyiga but most people call me Mama Salama. I am married and have four children aged from three to thirteen: Sudaise, Fauza, Salama …Read more

16 Dec 2015

Mama & Tata Bruno

We have known Mama Bruno for many years. We first met her when she was living with her children in Kinawataka slum in a small one room …Read more

30 Nov 2015

Mama Joyness

Kasubi is a slum community that sits directly behind the Revelation Life office in Bweyogerere. Every day a team of our staff members walk the main footpath …Read more

16 Oct 2015

Weighing up Nutrition

We held our first ‘Community Nutrition Outreach’ in Kinawataka and Katogo communities last week. We could not have prayed for more perfect weather – a brief shower …Read more

15 Sep 2015

A Holy moment

This passage is painted on the wall at the entrance to our Revelation Life offices. We walk past it every day and it is the motivation for …Read more

14 Sep 2015

Message from Simon & Nicola in UK

Well it has now been just over 6 months since we landed in the UK, taking up our new roles within the Charity of International Directors and …Read more

19 Aug 2015

How to make a Mud Mural

We’ve been using this innovative technique for a few months now and have had a great response from the slum communities. We love them too as they are …Read more

29 Jul 2015

A Miraculous Morning

Every Tuesday, the Kasubi Community Group meets. It is a time when they talk, pray and learn new skills through training sessions. One of the ongoing challenges …Read more

21 Jul 2015

Leading a Group

Community Groups are one of the essential building blocks of our work in the slums. It is through these that we hope to see people learn, build …Read more

02 Jun 2015

Fighting a killer

Many people who live in slum-like conditions are exposed daily to illnesses that can be prevented. Cramped housing and small spaces often force families to cook their …Read more

28 May 2015

Solar Sisters in the slums

This week saw the first Mamas from our groups becoming ‘Solar Sister Entrepreneurs’. Their new role entails marketing and selling solar lights in their communities and surrounding …Read more

23 Apr 2015

A Close-knit Group

Last year, a group from Texas came out to visit us here in Uganda and to spend some time in the communities. One of the group was …Read more

23 Apr 2015

Mama Calvin’s Release

Last June, Barbara (Mama Calvin) was taken to the Police station after a neighbour accused her of setting her house on fire. Members of the Social Team went …Read more

16 Apr 2015

Messages in Mud

This wet season has brought a sharp rise in the cases of typhoid in the hospitals around Kampala. It’s a horrible disease that mainly affects children and …Read more

17 Mar 2015

Rainwater, from a jar

This dry season has been very dry! Since the start of 2015 we have only had around three ‘proper’ rain-showers to keep our grass growing and fill …Read more

12 Mar 2015

Blog – Living with sickle cells

How do you save the life of a child with Sickle Cell disease in Uganda? This isn’t an easy question to answer, but yet it is a …Read more

19 Feb 2015

Blog – Dignity and hope

When you read Revelation Life news stories or blog posts you’ll hear about all sorts of good things that are happening in the slum communities. We love …Read more

16 Jan 2015

Relocation for the Neals

For us at Revelation Life, 2015 is a year full of exciting changes and expansion. Nicola has already been invited to speak at various events around the UK …Read more

13 Jan 2015

A letter from the future…

The Revelation Life Family Centre will soon be ready for its first residents. Team members Harriet and Solomon Kitenda have accepted a position in which they will …Read more

18 Dec 2014

Aisha’s Story

Our work with families and children not only helps to ensure people receive vital life skills, but it also enables us to provide life-saving medical care and nutritional support for …Read more

09 Dec 2014

Mama Jaja’s journey

The social team at Revelation Life works closely with families going through difficult times. This work is particularly evident with Mama Jaja. She is seen knitting in our …Read more

05 Dec 2014

Nakusinzanga Mukama

If you have watched our Christmas video, you will have heard a few of our Ugandan staff members performing the Ugandan worship song “Nakusinzanga Mukama” in the …Read more

01 Dec 2014

Walking, kicking Kassim

Kassim is a boy in Banda slum who is currently on our Nutrition Programme. He was born 3 months premature and his father died in a car accident …Read more

19 Nov 2014

A mama on the move

Mama Sabine is a real beacon of light in the community groups of Katogo 2, she’s an example of a hard working mama who now has hope …Read more

05 Nov 2014

Jaja Irene – Kasubi Slum leader

As a discipleship team, we have seen Jaja Irene grow spiritually in so many ways, none more so than her willingness and passion to step into a …Read more

05 Nov 2014

Sharifa… a drastic turnaround!

We met Sharifa in 2012 when she was only eight months old. She was incredibly malnourished, only weighing 4.5 kilograms and had recently been discharged from hospital where …Read more

21 Oct 2014

Container gardens, time to harvest

In August we posted a story about some training that has been going on in the slums on how to grow vegetables in recycled water bottles. After a few …Read more

14 Oct 2014

A normal reaction to an abnormal event

Working in the slum communities is a real privilege, but it can also come at a cost. Every month there are situations involving sick children, abused women, road …Read more

19 Sep 2014

An important update from the directors

We are writing to you to let you know some exciting news about our journey here at Revelation life. You may have noticed some changes in what …Read more

11 Sep 2014

‘Battleground’ video featuring our work

Revelation Life is excited to announce a new stage in our partnership with New Wine Worship! Together, we will be exploring the importance of how worship and …Read more

05 Sep 2014

Outgrowing a leg

Each year parents and care-givers around the world face the inevitable issue of replacing the clothes and shoes their children have either outworn or outgrown. Without the age …Read more

29 Aug 2014

Back to school time

In September 2012 Revelation Life began a “Slum School” in Katogo 2, starting by teaching the children who came along one letter each week. As time progressed we began …Read more

22 Aug 2014

Making the most of a fertile land

Considering Uganda is such a green, fertile land it is surprising to see that very few people in the slums grow their own vegetables to support what can …Read more

13 Aug 2014


Revelation Life has been working in slum communities in and around Kampala for over 5 years now, and during this time we have met literally hundreds of …Read more

31 Jul 2014

Railway Issues

This week we have had a fairly major upset in two of the communities that we work in: Banda and Kinawataka. There is a railway track that …Read more

25 Jul 2014

A day with Practical Support

The morning began with team devotions, with the focus of prayer. We prayed for each other and the communities we work in, preparing ourselves for the work …Read more

03 Jul 2014

Lose a house, gain a home

I love how God provides for His children! When Sylvia Nabisubi (Mama Henry) was first told by her landlady to move out of the house in which …Read more

19 Jun 2014

Food through a keyhole

A few months ago we invited some of the women in the slum closest to us to come to our office and help us to build a ‘keyhole …Read more

06 Jun 2014

A Trustee’s perspective

Every time I visit the work of the charity I never fail to be amazed by the heart, the passion, the commitment and the sheer dedication of …Read more

23 May 2014


Mama Sharifa is an incredible woman. She was one of the first people the team at Revelation Life had relationship with and was in the first group …Read more

02 May 2014

Heavens Angels – a miracle in the slums

Sharing stories and testimonies of God’s provision and faithfulness for us as a team can really encourage the men, women and children we work with each day …Read more

23 Apr 2014

Life saving simplicity

An ongoing battle we face in the communities is one of hygiene and cleanliness; especially when it comes to children. Children are regularly left playing in filthy areas, …Read more

14 Apr 2014

Bags of money

Being a parent in the slums and trying to earn some money can be quite a challenge, especially when you can only work from home because of …Read more

10 Apr 2014

Seasonal storms and flash floods

A large number of Uganda’s slums are built on the flood plains around Kampala. For most of the year rain is no great threat to the residents …Read more

04 Apr 2014

Osam’s transformation

At Revelation Life we firmly believe in the power of discipleship to bring change to the people we work with on a daily basis.  For Osam, the …Read more

03 Apr 2014

New beginnings

One of the most difficult things for Westerners in adjusting to Ugandan life is missing out on the seasons. For us ‘Mzungus’ Spring is the season of …Read more

03 Apr 2014

Women’s health and wholeness

In September we began a women’s health teaching series with a group of vulnerable women from Banda slum. This series was born out of their desire for …Read more

03 Apr 2014

Clean water from a bottle

One of the major issues that people face every day in the slum communities is lack of access to safe water. Much of the water that people …Read more

10 Mar 2014

Blog – The writing’s on the wall

As part of the overall plan to move things along slowly in the slum communities, we’ve had a lot of fun creating murals as an awareness raising …Read more

15 Oct 2013

New adventures

Leaving the comfort of home and life as you’ve always known it is always hard, and deciding to spend 6 months in Uganda was a big step …Read more

09 Sep 2013

An update from Simon & Nicola

Dear Friends, We wanted to write to you all to say a personal THANK YOU for so faithfully standing with us as a family and praying for …Read more

02 Sep 2013

Simple acts of love

Coming into a new organisation and being the “new person” is always hard, but when you feel loved and encouraged as soon as you enter a new …Read more

21 Jun 2013

Change Makers

As a team, we spend an hour or two every morning seeking and worshipping God together. We believe that everything we are and everything we do comes …Read more

31 May 2013


I have taken children to hospitals in Uganda many times.  I am sad to say that often the story does not end well.  However, sometimes the story …Read more

14 May 2013

‘I need Africa more than it needs me’

One of my house mates owns a t-shirt that says: ‘I need Africa more than it needs me’. Whilst washing my clothes over the weekend I was …Read more

08 Apr 2013

Stepping out of the boat

While travelling home from a short holiday outside Kampala, I met a man named Latif. After the introduction, I asked him if he was saved and he …Read more

02 Mar 2013

A New Beginning

I joined Revelation Life a little over 3 weeks ago. It’s fairly different from my previous work where I gave oversight to the nurses working in three …Read more

12 Feb 2013

How He always intended

As a charity, Revelation Life’s dream, although seemingly backwards, is for the day when we don’t actually have to be in the communities anymore. The day when …Read more

24 Jan 2013

Things are not what they seem!

So often I make judgements based upon my own perceptions of people or circumstances and so often I find my judgements fall short and I miss the …Read more

09 Jan 2013


‘Do we even have time to make it to Katogo?’ It was a question which, if I’m honest, I wanted to answer with a resounding no! In …Read more

03 Jan 2013

Looking Forward

God is on the move! This phrase is one that has been said more than once around the Revelation Life team. Whether it is in worship, soaking, …Read more

20 Dec 2012

The Land Update

Exciting times as the land project starts to take shape.  We have purchased 8 acres of land on a beautiful hill overlooking Kyanga and surrounding areas. The vision …Read more

04 Dec 2012

Kinawataka Baptisms

For as long as I can remember, baptisms have held an excitement for me that is normally reserved for birthdays or weddings.  There is such promise and …Read more

10 Oct 2012

Kasubi Baptisms…

Last week, Tuesday 2nd October, the children and Mamma’s of the Kasubi community came together in a spectacular afternoon of worship and baptisms. Although apprehensive of the …Read more

27 Sep 2012

Mama Peace…

So far my time at Revelation Life has had a bit of everything. Scorching heat and thunder storms. Incredible Highs and difficult lows. Unforgettable moments, and moments …Read more

13 Sep 2012

Banda Testimony…

The following is a testimony from one of our Mission School students. So, I was walking around Banda with a few of the Revelation Life team and …Read more

11 Sep 2012

Revelation Life Mission School 2012

Last year I attended the first Revelation Life Mission School during which time I encountered God like never before and felt that I made a difference in …Read more

04 Sep 2012

Kinawataka Outreach…

Kina is a really special place to me.  Since beginning to work there 5 months ago, my passion and love for the people in Kina has grown and …Read more

30 Aug 2012


One day during mission school we were challenged to ask God for specific words for one another. While we were doing this in our small group one …Read more

27 Aug 2012

Sorrow to Joy…

I answer my phone with shaky hands, fearing the worst. His quiet voice on the other end verifies my fears before anything sensible comes from his lips. …Read more

01 Aug 2012

Prophecy Fulfilled

  Last summer was an exciting time in Banda. It felt like every time we visited more and more people wanted to receive freedom and salvation. There …Read more

01 Aug 2012


BEAUTY INSTEAD OF ASHES ‘Bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead …Read more

08 Jun 2012

Mama Jolie

Rob Hayden, Slum Ambassador for Kasubi; We met Mama Jolie after visiting Mama Ema’s home. She was walking down the road with her son and was clearly …Read more

11 Apr 2012

Mama Joash…

Lydia was one of the first women we met when we started working in Kasubi slum almost 3 years ago. We have fallen in love with her …Read more

14 Mar 2012

Running Water…

One of the main projects which Revelation Life is currently working on is Water and Sanitation. We recently made a study on the water and sanitation in …Read more

12 Mar 2012

Learning Dependancy…

One of the biggest challenges I think both Charlene and I are dealing with as we have started working in the slums is that sometimes the problems …Read more

06 Mar 2012

Rest Easy

This Saturday I woke to the news that a little boy named Alex had passed away in the early hours of Friday morning at Wellspring clinic in …Read more

18 Feb 2012

Ashes to Roses…

I find it so ridiculously amazing that God has the power to turn around even the most horrible situations.  He has the power to turn death into …Read more

10 Feb 2012

Banda Discipleship

I am constantly blown away here by the beauty of relationship. Relationship is the power the moves Revelation Life forward, it carries every project we run, every …Read more

08 Feb 2012


There is possibly no greater joy than being a part of God transforming destinies!  The past few weeks have been full of that as we’ve prepared to send …Read more

03 Feb 2012

Our first few days in Uganda…

Charlene and I arrived in Uganda just over a week ago to work with Rev Life for a year. As we drove away from the airport in Entebbe, …Read more

02 Feb 2012

In A Moment…

I have been trying to write a blog for a few days now on how our reality can change in an instant; however for some reason I …Read more