Osam’s transformation

Posted on 4th Apr by Adam Peters − Category: News


At Revelation Life we firmly believe in the power of discipleship to bring change to the people we work with on a daily basis.  For Osam, the journey we have walked with him over the last 18 months has taken him from struggling with alcohol and violence, through sickness and finally to discovering freedom and relationship with God.

Osam used to drink heavily with his wife, beat his 13 year old step son, and deny the existence of God. But from the first time we sat and spent time with him, he showed an immediate openness to change. He moved to Kinawataka slum after escaping violence near his home village where he saw his family taken and killed by rebels from Joseph Kony’s LRA. This was very traumatic for Osam, and he admitted to being regularly troubled by nightmares and the memories of it. After spending just a few hours together we offered to pray for him, which he gratefully accepted and from that first encounter we noticed a change.

Osam was later diagnosed with Tuberculosis and his health rapidly began to deteriorate. Despite the free government medical aid, he became extremely weak, and we feared he may become another victim of a very preventable disease. Revelation Life provided him with practical aid in the form of a small food package each week to help rebuild his strength, but there was little else we could do for him. A few months later he encountered the love of God personally in a powerful way during a time of worship and decided to follow Jesus. He stopped drinking, stopped beating his stepson and is now a different man entirely.

For Osam, discipleship was as simple as spending time sharing our lives together, and us demonstrating to him the practical love of God in a gentle way.

Today Osam enjoys attending one of the discipleship groups in his community, learning more about Jesus and applying those simple lessons to his everyday life. He prays regularly at home and knows that Jesus has healed him both physically and emotionally. We are so thankful for the work God has done in him and are all excited to see what’s next.