Prayer support


Prayer is so important to what we do at Revelation Life and is a part of our meetings, planning and morning devotions time. We have witnessed the power of prayer when praying for people in the communities, and have seen made so many changes in people’s lives as a result. Also, knowing what God is wanting us to do next and where he wants us to go is vital to seeing change in people’s lives and in the communities. Simply put, having people praying for us is essential and helps us to keep on track.

If you would like to commit to praying for us, then we would be very grateful for your prayers! Please email Pamela at and she will add  you to our growing list. We will send you regular updates, strategic points for prayer and feedback on prayer points. We will also send you emails about immediate needs so in the event of a flood, or crisis in the slums, we can let you know straight away and you can help make a difference through your prayers.

Thank you!

You can also sign up for our regular news emails to find out what’s going on in the slum communities and what’s new at Revelation Life.