Our work


We are a charity that works in partnership with communities to see lasting change. Our approach is all about the importance of love and relationship, and in our work we rely on God’s love to empower us each day. In the slums of Kampala, poverty can become a way of life that locks people into ways of thinking and acting that keep them and their families trapped. We help people to find the tools to get out of poverty; whether that be skills, knowledge, restoration of relationships, or an encounter with God’s love. We also recognise that to truly see change we need to engage whole neighbourhoods, but also the whole person and not just the practical side of their lives. So, our work seeks improvements in social, health and community life for young and old alike.

Through our work, we enable people to make changes for the better in their families that help them to escape poverty for good. The following are the ways we partner with slum communities, working mainly through Community Groups, to encourage people to recognise opportunities and start to dream again.

Community groups

Healthcare and Nutrition

Social development

Water and sanitation

Children’s groups

Family Centre