Children’s groups

OH0A4869Once a week in each of the slum communities we work in we run children’s groups called ‘Rising Stars’. This is possibly one of the only times in their week they are free to play in a safe and happy environment. We play games with balls and parachutes, read stories, sing songs and tell the children about the love of Jesus. Plus, we run short sessions on life-skills that will help children stay healthy, such as: keeping hands clean, brushing teeth and staying safe.


Children learn all about washing hands from the team

As we have fun with the children, it’s so easy to forget what it is like for them when we are not around. They are often left alone as their parents get on with important jobs, so they play for hours in an environment where sewage runs through the streets and broken bottles litter the ground. They don’t have video games or televisions to keep them entertained; instead they make cars out of sticks and bottles and rummage through rubbish to find ‘treasures’. Street club is a time where the kids get to be crazy, laugh, have lots of fun and also hear important messages that will help them in their lives.

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‘Rising Stars’ is one of the most anticipated activities that takes place in each community weekly. Children are free to…

Posted by Revelation Life on Friday, July 10, 2015