Community groups

The answers to challenges in the slums ultimately have to be found in the communities themselves. That’s why we work closely and intensively with groups in each slum, building their ability to cope with what life throws at them through training sessions and supporting them to work together to see change. By working in partnership, we see families able to stay healthy, earn money, be happier and start to plan for the future. Not only that, the group becomes a safety net and a help for their neighbours, reaching out to and supporting those in need so that they can also see a way out of their situations.


Mama Koja with her recycled container gardens

Mens group

This group learnt how to make a ‘Water Jar’ tank (in background)

Our group training sessions include topics such as: vegetable growing in recycled containers; nutrition and meal planning advice; keeping households disease free; cooking with more efficient, smoke-free stoves; purifying water with the sun; dealing with conflict and relationships; managing household finances well, and creating crafts and selling solar lights to get more household income. Through our comprehensive practical and social training, group members support each other to succeed together – this can be by sharing a skill, looking after a sick child, praying with someone or starting businesses together. This training and support then enables people to start to live out their God given potential and to bless others. See some examples of the kind of techniques we teach in our practical training sessions >>

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Families are now becoming empowered to deal with life’s issues and encouraged to reach out to their neighbours to share their knowledge and skills – enabling whole neighbourhoods to be changed. Alongside this our Social Development team work to address specific family needs through prayer, advice and training and we support and encourage several discipleship groups who gather each week to pray and seek God together.

In this we way, we aim to see holistic change in the slums, working closely with and driven by the communities themselves.

Community groups are a key part to all we do in the slum communities. It is exciting to see the members learn to support…

Posted by Revelation Life on Wednesday, July 15, 2015