Social development

OH0A4119Time spent in the slum communities talking with families is the simplest of all the things we do but possibly the most powerful. Each day our Social Development team goes into the slums to build relationships and support specific families in whatever social challenges they are facing. As they spend time with people they begin to trust us and share more of their stories and struggles.

Through this social work we are able to intervene in situations of child neglect and abuse, work closely with local authorities, monitor people who are socially isolated and identify particularly vulnerable families. The relationships we have built in the communities are strong and sometimes we are joined by local people that we work with as they share practical advice and the love of God that is so real to them.

As we develop this area of our work we will not only support families through difficult times, but we will also provide training to families and Community groups on subjects such as: gender roles, family harmony, child’s rights, HIV/Aids awareness and parenting skills. Through this support and training we hope to see more parents full of confidence and couples working together to see their families improve. In addition, as the Community groups grow, they will have the capacity to reach out to their neighbours in prayer and through practical help – enabling the community to care for its most vulnerable members themselves.

Mama Paul struggled to raise her five children alone in a tiny room with almost no income. She told us, ‘Before Revelation Life came, I didn’t know what Love could really do. Now that I see all you are doing with us, you have shown me new ways to Love.’ 


As more and more people began to accept Jesus into their lives, we saw the need for discipleship groups to be established in each slum community so that people can support each other on their journey.  These groups were set up as a place to discover the basics of the Christian faith and have now developed further into prayer and discussion groups where people support each other.  We are now looking to see these groups run with very little input from our team as group members find their feet and become more confident in their faith.

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For those living in poverty, challenging social issues are not lacking. In order to tackle these challenges, every week…

Posted by Revelation Life on Wednesday, 29 July 2015