Prophecy Fulfilled

Posted on 1st Aug by Anna Kalibbala − Category: Banda, Slums, Testimonies, Vision


Last summer was an exciting time in Banda. It felt like every time we visited more and more people wanted to receive freedom and salvation. There was a definite stirring and we had the sense that anything was possible.

Around that time the Lord was speaking about a certain area next to the witch doctor’s house. He was saying that salvation, healing and life would flow from this place and people would be gathering there to worship and meet Jesus. At the time this felt so far from the truth. This was one of the darkest and most spiritually oppressed areas in Banda.

Around 4 months ago this all changed. The witch doctor who owns this area gave his life to Jesus along with his wife! It was amazing breakthrough and the beginnings of the fulfilment of all the Lord had been saying to us.

However, since then, things have been more of a struggle. Especially with families who live around that area. One of God’s children lost his fight against AIDS and another has been struggling for her life and stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation. In the middle of difficulty it was hard to remember all that God was saying and doing last summer.

On Friday, this all came back to me. We had decided to go and worship outside the EX witch doctor’s home to invite the presence of Jesus into all the difficult situations we have seen in that area. To be honest, we didn’t have such high expectations. We just wanted to meet with the family and other families we are close to, spend some time worshipping the Lord and taking communion together.

We all gathered and starting singing some Luganda worship songs. Just a few people, some voices and a guitar. As we were singing, something began to change. I could feel the presence of Jesus settling in that place. People started to gather. Some of them were Mamas we know well, some we have seen receive new salvation, some of them we had never met before. The area where we were worshipping became full and the people starting dancing in the alleyways leading away from that area. They were dancing and singing and praising. It was amazing!

There was a woman standing next to me who I didn’t know. She seemed really interested in what we were doing and gradually moved closer and closer to us. At the end of one of the songs, she broke in by shouting out something in Luganda. I thought she was praising God, but it turns out she was asking for Jesus. She was saying she wants him but she is drunk all the time and doesn’t know what to do.

That day we were able to lead her to Jesus along with her friend who had also been drawn to the

area where we were worshipping. She told us that she is an alcoholic and a prostitute and she wants Jesus! We are believing that she and her friend received new life on Friday and that these chains that hold them can be broken by the power of Jesus.

As we were driving home I was reflecting on what had just happened and I was reminded of last summer and all that God was promising about that area. That which seemed so impossible had just become reality before our eyes! It was a massive honour to be able to see and take part in something so precious, great and powerful that Jesus is doing in Banda. We are excited for all the ‘more’ he has in store!