Revelation Life Mission School 2012

Posted on 11th Sep by Simon Neal − Category: News

Last year I attended the first Revelation Life Mission School during which time I encountered God like never before and felt that I made a difference in the slum communities. The impact on me was so great that I decided to move here in order to serve with Revelation Life full time.

One of the key aspects God highlighted in everyone during Mission School seemed to be about dying to our own self in order for God to work through us more effectively. The impact it had on delegates and team alike was evident. Three of the students decided the time had come for them to take a step of faith and be baptised. Each baptism was special and unique. The eruption of applause and worship as one by one people opted to die to their old life and start a new life with God was incredible to witness.

The times we had out in the communities, loving the poor, the broken and the hurting were some of the most real and defining moments for many of the delegates who came to serve. It was amazing for some of the Ugandans on team who have seen the communities their whole lives but never actually entered inside to see what life was like for those living within.

On a couple of occasions we had the opportunity to carry out a Sole Project and give hundreds of pairs of shoes to the children. Everyone was excited to be a part of it. Seeing line after line of excited faces eagerly anticipating their new shoes is brilliant and then the joy as they each run back home with their bright new shoes. It’s such a contrast against the dull brown dust and mud seen throughout each community and a great protection against the disease that runs through the slums.

Again something that struck me during last years Mission School was the way that despite only being here for such a short space of time, the relationships I built in the communities were strong even with people I’d only met a few times. The same was true again this year as each delegate was touched by specific children. There was one example of a boy who had previously been very reserved and sad who suddenly opened up to one of the students. Watching them play and laugh together was an incredible experience for the team to witness.

Mission School at Revelation Life is a time and place where cultural barriers are broken down as Westerners and Ugandans unite to carry out the work of God together. It is a dangerous place to come as people rarely leave the same. God is calling people who are willing to give their lives to follow Him and I think He found a number of people who are willing to do just that.

“…let us love not with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18


If you are interested in joining in the fun of Revelation Life’s Mission School and being a part of seeing lives transformed and changed here in Uganda, then come along next year!!

Details will be out soon OR email for more immediate information.