Running Water…

Posted on 14th Mar by Simon Neal − Category: Kinawataka, Our work, Slums, Vision

One of the main projects which Revelation Life is currently working on is Water and Sanitation. We recently made a study on the water and sanitation in the communities in which we work and found that many people were using unsafe water carrying diseases causing many health problems. We soon realised that we would need to take some measures to ensure that the lives of those living in the slums could be transformed through the construction of new water springs and rehabilitation of the existing water sources.

Yesterday was an exciting day, it was the day we saw the beginning of one of our visions become reality. Yesterday we opened the first water spring in Kinawataka and got to celebrate with all the families as clean running water ran throughout the slum.

We handed over the Water Spring to the community by the washing of hands between Simon and the Chairman.This was such an exciting moment as everyone cheered and then began worshipping.








This is the first of many water springs we hope to build in our four communities. Please pray for the different water projects we are running, that they will run smoothly and we will eventually see running water throughout every slum we work in. Thank you.


Kinawataka Spring Opening Photos…