Sharifa… a drastic turnaround!

Posted on 5th Nov by Julie Namatovu − Category: News

We met Sharifa in 2012 when she was only eight months old. She was incredibly malnourished, only weighing 4.5 kilograms and had recently been discharged from hospital where she had also been diagnosed with pneumonia.


Sharifa, aged 9 months, was severely malnourished.

At that time there was very little we could do to help her, so we sent Sharifa and her mama to an NGO (non-government-organisation) in Jinja called Serving His Children who specialise in helping severely malnourished children. Through a comprehensive feeding programme, and nutritional education they have seen hundreds of children recover from the point of death to become healthy once more. Upon arrival, Sharifa was also diagnosed with tuberculosis and over the next couple of weeks her condition deteriorated further still. She would occasionally go in to respiratory distress and had to be put on oxygen a number of times in order to assist her breathing.

Fortunately, this was as bad as it got for Sharifa and her mama. After those initial two weeks of fear, worry and prayer Sharifa began to respond well to the treatment and began to slowly put on weight. After fearing for her daughter, mama began to regain her hope and thanked God for saving her baby girl. A few members of the team would visit them both once a week and each time they would go they would be amazed at the progress she was making, her entire appearance started to change as she grew healthier.

Since being discharged and returning home to Katogo 2, Sharifa has been on our own feeding programme in order to help her continue to grow and to give her mama help in maintaining her healthy diet. Our dedicated team refused to give up on her and continued to pour their time, support and love into her even when she was so close to death.

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This is how two-and-a-half year old Sharifa looks today!

It is such a joy to see how Sharifa has been completely transformed from being so weak she could barely support her own weight, to a joyful and energetic girl who is continuing to grow into everything God has called her to. In the video below she can be seen singing and clapping along to worship at on of our Street Clubs. She is making up her own words, but is singing freely, probably unaware of what a miracle child she is!

Happy Sharifa from Revelation Life on Vimeo.