Simple acts of love

Posted on 2nd Sep by Ashley − Category: Kinawataka, Our work, Testimonies

Coming into a new organisation and being the “new person” is always hard, but when you feel loved and encouraged as soon as you enter a new environment, it makes it a whole lot easier. In June when I first joined the Revelation Life family, I was surprised with how caring and loving the whole team was. My initial thoughts were “Wow, these people are real, and they REALLY love Jesus!”

Going into the communities with the team was a really new experience for me. I was in Uganda last year for 8 months volunteering in an orphanage, but didn’t see extreme poverty the way I am seeing it now. With Revelation Life we don’t just talk about the issues that are happening, we pray about it and then take action.

The first little boy that I fell in love with was Thomas, he’s 18 months old and has the cutest chubby cheeks you will ever see! I remember seeing him for the first time, sitting in front of his little house, all alone. Thomas officially stole my heart that day. He lives with his little sister and his mother. With Revelation Life we focus on building relationships with both the children and their parents. We want them to know that if they are facing difficult situations they have a support system and they are not alone.

Thomas was known to be the little boy that never smiled, when you looked into his eyes, you could easily see how withdrawn and unhappy he was. As we continued to visit his family each day and show him love, the closer he got to a smile. Then one day, we finally saw him smile. He seemed to be getting a lot happier, but as time went by, his condition began to deteriorate. We could tell that something was wrong so we had Sarah (a nurse on our team) take a look at him; and she confirmed that he had a severe form of malnutrition.

As Revelation Life, we knew something had to happen to get this little boy back to health. When we are dealing with malnourished children we usually put them on the feeding program where we take care packages of nutrient rich foods to each child. However, Thomas’ situation was a bit more severe therefore we needed to take him, and his mother and sister, to a center called “Serving His Children”. The goal of the ministry is to break the cycle of malnutrition one life at a time and teach mammas how to keep their children healthy.

I was so excited when we brought Thomas and his family to this center. I knew that this would be the turning point in their lives and we would finally get that smile back on Thomas’ face. I’m so thankful that God brought this family into my life and He is giving me the opportunity to see the mighty things He is capable of doing.

I am very blessed to have this time in my life where I am able to show love to people and tell them about the awesome God that we serve. I’m really looking forward to getting closer and closer to Jesus every day and having the Revelation Life family here to support me. These next 6 months will definitely be a time where Jesus takes my life and turns it upside down, and in doing so, preparing me for whatever comes next.