Stars in the Slums Christmas Appeal

Stars in the Slums

This Christmas we’re not asking you to save a child’s life, provide nutritious food, or help children to get a good start in life.

We already have amazing people who can do that. We call them our ‘Champions’ – volunteers from the slums who we train up and equip in different skills to see God’s bright hope in their communities. They’re our brilliant ‘Stars in the Slums’!

But we do need your help to give these Champions all they need to be the inspiring change-makers we know they can be. We need your help to see: Health Champions preventing disease from taking young lives; Nutrition Champions enabling mothers to give their malnourished children the right foods and Children’s Champions helping kids become who God made them to be. And we want to see more and more Stars light up and bring hope!

By getting involved in our ‘Stars in the Slums’ campaign, you and your church can partner with us to see people who have grown up in poverty, who know best about the reality of living in slums, to be the change that they so desperately want to see in their own communities.


£30 – Initial training for a Champion in all the basics

 teaching-champions     Sometimes people just need a little knowledge and confidence to believe they can be change-makers in their communities. By supporting eight months of training, you’ll be helping a Champion to see themselves as part of the solution to poverty and not a victim of it.

£400 – Training & support for three Champions serving 100 households for a year

 oh0a5547-250x167 A lot can change for families in a year. With guidance, encouragement and support from people who know what slum life is like, children become healthy, relationships are restored and lives are saved.

£1,200 – Equipping a team of ten Champions to transform their whole neighbourhood

 oh0a5633-250x167 Our joined-up approach works best when local people work towards a common goal, across social, health and children’s issues. Through your giving, a dynamic team of ten Champions will support and pray with their neighbours to see things change for many children, mothers, fathers and grandparents.

We can provide you with inspiring stories, a brilliant video, campaign poster, Powerpoint and a great activity involving stars and prayers to hand up and get church members behind this life-changing work. If you get in early, you may even be able to book Nicola Neal, our Founder, to inspire your church with stories from the slums.

Will you join with us to light up Stars in the Slums?

If you would like to sign up your church or group, please email us or call us on (03333) 442505 and we’ll send you through our materials and stories to share. You can watch the campaign video below and then either download or order a disc from us. 

You can also download our Christmas Powerpoint file – get the file here.


If you are raising money for us, please donate using the link below so we can see how much you’ve all raised this Christmas Season!



Thank you!