Stepping out of the boat

Posted on 8th Apr by Isaac King − Category: Testimonies, Vision

While travelling home from a short holiday outside Kampala, I met a man named Latif. After the introduction, I asked him if he was saved and he said “No.” With only small prompting he began to share his beliefs with me. “The Bible is a lie, they change it every 2000 years to make people believe them”, he said. I was a touch taken aback by this statement. He carried on and explained to me that he was Muslim.

I said a silent prayer inviting Jesus to enter the conversation and speak through me with His words. “Well, Jesus loves you, and he wants to know you.” I said. His reply was instant and to the point “NO.” I knew I couldn’t stop there. I went on to share my testimony with Him; how I was a thief and a drug addict but the Lord Jesus saved me (hallelujah). I even had the opportunity to share the vision I had when I first truly encountered Jesus. Once I’d finished, he said to me “I want to cry… you have softened my heart! I am a hard man.” I simply replied “This is not Me, it is Jesus.”

He went on to explain how he used to be Christian, but thought the church was just after his money. He told me how he would leave a church service with no money and hungry, and that none of his brothers or sisters would help him, but with the Muslims, they looked after him. I explained to him that Jesus doesn’t care for his money, Jesus just loves him and wants to know him, and then (briefly) told him the Gospel. I could tell that God was using my words to really minister to him. Once I’d finished speaking he said something I could hardly believe. “I am scared, something is happening”. I asked if I could pray for him, to which he replied, yes. I prayed that Jesus would really come, soften his heart, and reveal Himself to Latif. After the prayer he said, “I want Jesus, I want Him now.” He gave his life to Jesus that day and plans to join a local church. PRAISE THE LORD!

The day before I had felt challenged by Daddy about meaning what I say. For instance, when I keep saying to Him, ‘I give You my life Lord. I give you my all’, He has often come back and said, “well how many people do you tell about me? And how many people do you pray for? How much of a play do I have in your life?” So the next day I took a step out the boat… and as usual, my Dad showed up. What I love most is the fact that I did nothing, my Daddy did it all.