The Land Update

Posted on 20th Dec by Steve Lamb − Category: News, Our work, Vision

Exciting times as the land project starts to take shape.  We have purchased 8 acres of land on a beautiful hill overlooking Kyanga and surrounding areas. The vision of the land is to place children who have no parents or are extremely vulnerable into loving Christian families that live on a sustainable farm. We hope to build a community where they can be loved, educated and have their practical needs met.

So far we have built a farmhouse on the land and are currently harvesting our second harvest of maize corn, cassava and matooke. Most of the crop will then be sold on to bring in some money to help with the cost of running the initial phases of the project.

We have just about finished building our piggery and currently have 23 pigs living in there. The idea is that the pigs will be bred from there and sold on to make money that will help with some of the expenses. The piggery will then be developed so that it can be a main source of income for the running of the community.

Please join with us in continuing to pray over the land and also that a suitable family will be found to live on site and be loving parents to the first children that come.