Things are not what they seem!

Posted on 24th Jan by Simon Neal − Category: News

So often I make judgements based upon my own perceptions of people or circumstances and so often I find my judgements fall short and I miss the hidden treasure that God wants to reveal to me. I am aware that my perception of life and of what the Lord is doing in and around me is limited to my own restricted view and occasionally He shows me the grace to give me glimpses of the way things really are. This week I have seen great treasure revealed to me through the grace of God.

Mama J is a Mama that we have known for such a long time. She lives in Kasubi slum and she is an amazing woman of God. She has been one of the most committed members at our discipleship group since giving her life to Jesus. She loves Jesus, loves to worship and shows great leadership potential in the group. We believe that God is raising her up to be a woman of Godly authority who brings massive change to everyone and everything around her. It is amazing to see the growth and change in her and she has great testimonies of all God has done in her life.

On Tuesday Mama J arrived at discipleship with a very young baby in her arms. I automatically assumed that the baby was not hers so I asked whose it was and she told me it was her own! I was so shocked. We had been working with Mama for a while and I knew she did not have a stable man in her life. Then I felt overwhelming disappointment. We had invested so much into her and her family and it felt like all our teaching and investment had been wasted because of a bad lifestyle choice. She already has 5 other children. I spent the rest of the time at discipleship with sadness and disappointment sitting heavily on my heart.

At the end of the teaching we were able to sit with Mama and ask for more details. After a lot of confusion we discovered the full story. It turns out that Mama was at home one day and heard a noise outside her door which she thought was someone throwing a heap of clothes down. She went to investigate and found a new-born baby who had obviously been born just minutes before. There was no one around so it quickly became clear that the baby had been abandoned outside her home. She went to the police and the local council but didn’t find anyone to claim the baby so she took compassion on her and took her in as another one of her own daughters. She named her ‘Blessings’ and now, when people ask, she tells them that Blessings is her daughter, one of her family, a girl who belongs.

That day, Mama showed me Jesus. This woman, who was already living in great poverty, chose to take another one into her family and the whole time I had been sitting in judgement of her. She taught me more about living as a follower of Jesus than I could teach her in years of discipleship. Lord forgive me for when I am so quick to judge that I cannot see the real picture.

I felt so convicted of my low expectations, quick judgement and the way I allowed disappointment to come and take route within my heart.

My perception of Mama J was the opposite to the truth. It causes me to think, “What other situations do I make quick judgements about that are based on completely wrong perceptions or judgements? What treasure am I missing out on because of incorrect first impressions? I want to use this to remember at all times, in all situations; things are not as they seem.