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Mama Sharifa is an incredible woman. She was one of the first people the team at Revelation Life had relationship with and was in the first group of women who got baptised. She has been HIV positive for many years and over the last few months her health has deteriorated significantly as the disease has now been diagnosed as AIDS. Having also recently been diagnosed with Tuberculosis she is now very weak and needs help even to roll over in her bed. Over the course of the last month she is now so weak that she struggles to speak more than a word at a time without becoming breathless.

Mama Sharifa at discipleship in 2012

Mama Sharifa at discipleship in 2012

This morning as part of our team devotional we spent some time praying for Mama Sharifa. We stood unified as we prayed for her together, and now we want you to stand with us as well.

We have seen situations like this before in Uganda and many times they do not end well, but we have also heard of many miracles that God has done in healing and strengthening where it seems as though the battle was lost. So today we choose to worship creator God, despite of Mama’s situation we believe He can heal her and we stand united as we ask Him to do so.

According to medical thinking Mama Sharifa is dying as she grows weaker each day, but as Christians we are called to have faith and so we choose to believe that the kingdom of God can bring healing to her. We believe that she can once again have the strength to hold her three children.

We spent some time with her this morning and she gave us her expressed permission to use her story, her name, her details and she even gave us permission to use the photo of her you can see below.

Mama Sharifa in her home today; 23/05/2014.

Mama Sharifa in her home today; 23/05/2014.

Today please join us in prayer for Mama Sharifa. Whether you are a Christian or not, God still hears your prayers and we believe in the ultimate power of prayer. We remain realistic and know she could still die but we choose to focus our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, and in the one true God who can save her life.

“But He [Jesus] was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; … by His wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5NIV


—– UPDATE JULY 2014 —–

Since posting this story and sharing it via social media we know that literally thousands of people from all over the world have been praying for Mama Sharifa. Today we are very sad to announce that this dear Mama recently passed away. We know in our hearts that she is in a better place but the pain is still very real for her children, her family and the team. We are very thankful to all who prayed and knew it was important for us to share this update, as well as ask that people continue to pray for her family. It is very rare that we post publicly when people we know and love die in the slums, out of respect to the families of those we have lost, but in this instance we wanted to keep everyone updated and to thank people for standing with us in prayer and for loving Mama Sharifa as we did.