Posted on 9th Jan by Simon Neal − Category: News, Testimonies

‘Do we even have time to make it to Katogo?’ It was a question which, if I’m honest, I wanted to answer with a resounding no! In the heat of the African sun, it’s often easy to let laziness overcome you but something that day was different. What came out of my mouth was ‘Probably not, but this morning is anointed! We’re going!’ To this day I know that must have been God because everything within me really wanted to turn back. I thank God that he spoke to me that morning.

During that single hour of contact time, we found a premature baby who had been born in his home the night before. He was the smallest baby I had ever seen weighing just 1.4kgs. On the way to the children’s hospital we knew he wasn’t well, however upon arriving, he was rushed into a side room and we knew it was much worse than we first thought! The next 5 minutes were a blur of running nurses, the ferrying of equipment back and forth, and confusion. The doctor later informed us that Victorious hardly had a pulse and had stopped breathing. The doctors said that if we had been any later, he would have died. God’s timing is always perfect!

For the next several days Victorious was kept in intensive care on oxygen and being fed through a tube. Due to being born at home, his umbilical cord had not been tied properly and he had lost a lot of blood. He was not getting enough oxygen and scans showed his liver was failing. He was going downhill fast. The doctors said that there was nothing else they could do. He wasn’t going to make it.

Amy, Julie, and myself went straight to the hospital where Mama told us she had finally come up with a name for her baby. Victorious. Even with the reality that he may not make it through the night, we had to smile. This name brought to light what we had all been feeling. Even in death, we are victorious. If he lived, amazing! If he died, brilliant! He would be with Jesus.  There was little we could do for Victorious so we spent the evening laughing and joking with Mama. It was such a strange feeling yet such a blessing to be able see her smile, amidst it all. The goodbye was one that lingered. We were very aware that this could be the last time we would see him. Before leaving, Mama asked us to take a picture of Victorious for her. It was a surreal moment and you could see in the Mamas eyes, she knew what was happening. This could be it. The drive home was a very quiet one. All we could do was give him over to Jesus and trust that he had a plan. And he did!

The next few days were filled with miracles as he continued to 1) live (which the doctors kept saying he wouldn’t) and 2) improve! Just four days after going into hospital, scans came back revealing that his heart was fine and his liver had improved. It was at this point that the head doctor said Victorious and his story was a miracle!

Yesterday we took Victorious back home where he met his brothers for the first time. Three weeks ago we were told by several doctors that he would not survive. But today he is very much alive and improving all the time.

Now for some thank yous!

We would like to thank all the doctors and nurses who cared for Victorious. His story is one of miraculous healing, but your love and care for him made a huge difference. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who prayed for Victorious during his long fight as we know God’s hand was over his life the whole time! We would also like to thank everyone who has given financially to Revelation Life. You are making miracles like this a reality. Finally the biggest thank you goes to Jesus, who turns impossible situations into amazing realities!