Our Vision…

To see transformation of families and whole communities through demonstrations of practical love and supernatural power, which reveal the heart of God. 

Our Heart

In the slums of Kampala life can be tough. Malnutrition and disease open the door for death to claim so many precious lives. The poverty cycle is unrelenting; on average, families have to survive on less than 85p a day. That’s divided into six hungry mouths to feed and six bodies to clothe and keep healthy. Often, without any money for even the most basic items, education is an unattainable stretch away. No education often means no job, which in turn means no money. The cycle continues.

Our aim is to see this change, and change in the long term. We want to see slum communities transformed as they discover new ways of seeing their circumstances and learn skills together that give them life. We’re seeing many lives changed as they experience love and life through Community Groups, practical training, working together as a community and prayer. And as we look to the future hand-in-hand with families, we’re always working so that they will be in a position where they can provide for their own family’s needs.


Love – We believe that God’s love is the most powerful thing in the world and has the power to change everything

Relationship – Our aim is that all we do flows out of healthy relationship both with God and each other

Restoration – We seek to see the restoration of wholeness, dignity and hope in people, situations, families and communities

Aiming for dreams – We seek to support vision in people and groups to enable them to flourish and change, with the communities

Equipping and Releasing – We want to see individuals, families and communities both equipped and released to live out their God given potential

Sustainability – We aim to make choices which, in the long term, respect and improve the economy, the environment and social justice

*We engage and work with people of all faiths, or none, irrespective of race, tribe, culture, gender, age or social position.